Talking Point 13: Are you a muddy boots person?

Muddy Boot Cumbria StagePath Family Walk Muddy Boot Cumbria StagePath Family Walk

IMG 0101 Talking Point 13: Are you a muddy boots person?

Are you afraid to get your boots muddy? Are all weather adventure seekers?

Are you a muddy boots kind of person?

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What do you do when the weather gets grim? Consistently grim. And the forecast too. You know when the weather is not so bad you can’t go out at all, but it’s bad enough to make you feel like you don’t really want to.  Not today, nor tomorrow nor probably the day after that.

Normally for me it’s not too much of an issue, especially if we can busy ourselves with work, school or other jobs around the house. But what about when you’re all on holiday and desperate to do something with the precious time you have off together.  Do you let the weather rule or do you head out and find a way to adventure anyway?

Weather to adventure?

It’s not exactly been the start to the New Year we expected, but after a series of travel let-downs we found ourselves at a bit of a loose end just after Christmas; with no particular plans and the heavens crying a deep consistent sorrow. We could have all stayed at home. In fact I think some of us wanted to. But instead we set ourselves a goal, a silly goal, a little challenge; to catch the bus each morning for a week from outside our house and head off each day to walk across The Lake District. Not all in one day, but a little bit at a time; walking the StagePath (a family walk in Cumbria that follows the route of the 555 bus between Windermere and Keswick), using the bus to get to the start each morning and to return home each night.

I thought it might be boring going so local. I knew it could be wet and soggy. Well, this is mid winter. And I thought we might give up after a few days. But we all agreed to don boots and waterproofs and give it a go. That’s one of the things I love about this family.

Or adventure whatever the weather

So, how did it go? Well, I’ll let the kids tell you. Click the picture to watch a short video clip from day 5.

Punkt2 Talking Point 13: Are you a muddy boots person?

Check out this video clip of our walk across The Lake District
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So, it has been wet. It hasn’t been boring and the further we walk the more determined everyone seems to be to get up the next day to catch the bus to get back out to try and finish it, whatever the weather.

And that’s another thing I love about this family; whatever they say about wanting to stay snug and dry at home (and we do enjoy that too), once they’re out and committed they are up for just about anything, with good grace and great spirit. Well, mostly. But more about that in the next few weeks when we’ll share some stories on the blog from our walk across The Lake District.

Talking Point

Are you a muddy boots kind of person? An all weather adventure seeker? Or more of a fairweather fellow?

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  1. jan and megan January 4, 2013 at 9:01 am #

    Muddier the better for me and my dogs, Black Labradors!

  2. Kizzy January 7, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    We live in the middle of nowhere so I have no choice but to be a muddy boots kind of person! The kids and the dog also love the mud, its a good job too!!!


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