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Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Written by Stuart
Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Berlin Hauptbahnhof – The most fun you can have for free in Berlin?

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Stuart Profile SmallOn our weekend in Berlin we did many things. Some cost money. Some were for free. So where did we have the most fun? What was our favourite activity? You might be surprised. It kind of caught us by surprise as we wandered the vast glassy complex of Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof, the city’s Central Station.

Built for the 2006 World Cup it’s said to be Europe’s largest station. Some say it’s construction was an important part of reunification, welding back together the transport infrastructures of East and West. Some say it was just a huge €700m waste of money. We say it’s the best fun you can have for free in Berlin.

If you’ve read Roald Dahl you’ll know the story of the Glass Elevator. Well we looked for Wilhelm Vonka but he was nowhere to be seen. But you can see a lot, almost everything in fact, from inside these amazing glass elevators. We counted at least six in the station, enough to ride one each, and have lift races. Fancy a ride? Check out the video.

In a world where we value the expensive and flashy it’s good to search out the simple things you can do for free. Sometimes they are right in front of you. Going up anyone? Or going down. It doesn’t matter. Having fun will lift your spirits, whichever way you go.

Talking Point

What have you done lately for fun, for free? Do tell.

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  • finding things to do in NYC for free is especially tough. We always keep our eyes peeled for the free days and evenings Target sponsors at museums and other cultural institutions around the city. They’re always kid friendly even if the venue isnt usually a slam dunk with kids.

  • Not always easy to find free activities for the kids in cities but isn’t it amazing how they often enjoy those free activities more than the ones you paid for? My kids would happily go up and down all day on a glass elevator.

  • A few years ago I was in a shopping mall in Denver, and hating every second I had to wait before my wife and family would let me leave. I dislike shopping malls with a passion.

    My stepdaughter really wanted to play on the escalators. Then it occurred to me that I could vicariously lash out against the mall by letting her have her wish.

    I told her she could play on the escalators as long as she didn’t bump into anyone, or block anyone’s way. She was thrilled.

    She annoyed some shoppers too, which was very satisfying to me. Nobody got knocked over, and consumerism carried on.

    I know it was bad and probably immature of me. But it was free.

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