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Taking a Family Wine Tour Catalonian Style

Fermentation Tank at Eudald Massana Noya Winery, Costa Barcelona

Family Wine tours in Catalonia Do you love wine? Of course you do. Have you ever considered taking the family on a wine tour? Of course you haven’t. Well then let me introduce you to the wineries of Catalonia where you and the kids can hike, bike, paint, nordic walk and learn about wine production […]

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7 Nature Inspired Day Trips from Barcelona

Cycling on the Delta Llobjegat, Costa Barcelona

7 Nature Inspired Day Trips from Barcelona Looking for a city break with a gateway into the countryside? Then bag yourself some cheap flights to Barcelona. While the city itself is one of the busiest in Europe, it’s just a short hop to the Costa Barcelona, a green province with a wide network of nature […]

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Campsite Bivvy & Bivvy Bag Review

Campsite Bivvy Microadventure & Bivvy Bag Review Have you ever camped without a tent? At a campsite? It’s a strange experience as we recently found out. But it did give us a chance to test out different styles of bivvy bags in a controlled environment. In this post, part of our sleepover season of posts […]

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The Scottish Trossachs: a winter paddling challenge

Forest Holidays Cottage Strathyre

The Scottish Trossachs – and a winter paddling challenge Just 30 miles from Glasgow, The Trossachs is a secret the canny Scots have kept to themselves. While bus-loads of tourists puzzle out the likelihood of a monster in the depths of Loch Ness, and everyone leaving Glasgow seems to head straight up the A82 for the […]

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Family Microscooter ‘Ballet’ Adventure

Family Microscooter Ballet Adventure We line up. Five gleaming machines. Two Monster Bullets. Two Sprites. A Rocket. Newly forged and fresh out of the box. We stand like racehorses, holding our nerve, clinging on to our sense of balance. Some have more than others. Some have been doing this forever. Others, like me, haven’t done […]

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Krizna Jama Cave Boating Adventure, Slovenia

Exploring Krzna Jama Cave Slovenia

Cave boating adventure in Krizna Jama, Slovenia If you don’t mind the dark and are looking for a family adventure with a real difference then head to Križna Jama cave in Southern Slovenia’s Karst region. Here you can take a four hour tour of the underworld and learn more about Karst caves and phenomena. Stalactites […]

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Dachstein Sky Walk & Ice Palace

Dachstein SkyWalk

The Dachstein Sky Walk to Nothingness.. We saw it in the Daily Mail; the Dachstein Glacier Stairway to Nothingness. It was almost on our route through Europe, on our way to the start of our Balkans adventure. A high mountain. A glacier. A suspension bridge. And a series of 14 steps, leading into the void. Steps […]

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Al Humphreys & Solstice Microadventure Secrets

Terra Nova Jupiter Bivy on fell

Alastair Humphreys & the Not so Secret Solstice Microadventurers Have you heard of the 5 – 9ers? A secret society of ordinary people doing a rather unusual thing. They leave work at 5 to head for the hills, a forest, riverside or mountain top. Armed with snacks, a bivy bag and sleeping bag, and for […]

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Out Under the Stars: Our Sleepover Season

Looking out from a tarp

Out Under the Stars: Our Sleepover Season The Family Adventure Project is having a sleepover. In fact, we’re having loads of them. In different locations. With our kids. Because everyone knows that kids love sleepovers. But they also love their bedrooms. And we don’t want our kids to stay in their bedrooms. So, with the […]

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Talking Point 16: Getting family adventure motivation

Keswick Chip Shop

Talking Point: Getting family motivation to adventure The final leg of our winter walk across The Lake District takes us from Thirlmere to Keswick, via an ancient stone circle. And as we eat our celebration fish and chips, we reflect on the power of a challenge to generate family motivation and keep us all going, whatever […]

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