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Adventures for Men: One to One Father Son Adventures

Father helps son jump between rocks

Adventures for Men: One to One Father Son Adventures A new business venture is setting out to transform the relationships of fathers and sons. Using the Scottish outdoors as a playground, Adventures for Men will give lads and dads the encouragement and space to get to know each other better and build the foundations for […]

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Trees don’t grow top down: nature club for nature deficit disorder

 After the excitement of the Titanic festival in Belfast and the Children’s Culture Festival in Reykjavik it’s been nice to get back to some routine with school and work, but some of us are still developing extra-curricular projects….  We’ve started a nature club.. “Dad, we’ve started a nature club at school,” Hannah informs me as we skiddle […]

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Bushcraft expert shows how to light fire without matches

Lake District Bushcraft: Friction Fire Lighting As part of our Family Adventure Capital Season we’ve been investigating Bushcraft in Cumbria. This week we were lucky enough to meet and talk with Ben McNutt, owner of Cumbrian Bushcraft experts Woodsmoke who showed us how to light fire without matches, despite the damp weather!   How to light a […]

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Cumbria Tourism talk Adventure Capital UK

Cumbria Tourism talk Adventure Capital UK Think of Cumbria and you think of adventure, right? Well if you don’t, you soon will as this iconic county in the north of England is pushing with all its might to be the UK’s Adventure Capital. Achieving and living up to this brand has long been a mission, ambition […]

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Interview with Adventure Dad Charley Boorman

Charley Boorman

In the second post of our Adventure Parents series, actor and TV presenter Charley Boorman explains how his upbringing shaped his lifelong sense of adventure. Charley is an enthusiastic and experienced world traveller and his passion for adventure can be seen in his many best selling TV documentaries. But his love of the outdoors and his appetite […]

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Adventure Mum Jane Yates – at base camp

We love to bring you tales of our own family adventures here on the blog. But part of the reason we started The Family Adventure Project a decade ago was to try and inspire other families to get out and get active together in many different ways. From epic challenges crossing continents to micro adventures […]

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10 lessons from 10 years adventuring with kids


10 lessons from 10 years adventuring with kids Have you and your kids had an adventure today? This week? This month? This year? No? Well it’s easier to put the TV on isn’t it? It’s less hassle to go shopping. The kids are busy and the adults need some down-time. What’s so great about doing things […]

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Who thinks doing hard things is good for you?

Family Sailing

Doing hard things is good for you, isn’t it? “Does anyone here think hard work is good for you?” We expect a neutral response. Instead, a hundred and fifty hands eagerly shoot up into the air. We had planned to try and persuade the juniors and infants about the benefits of hard work. But our […]

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Pedicab Phil from Shrewsbury

Pedicab Phil in Shrewsbury

Pedicab Phil As we enjoyed a relaxing ride along the beautiful riverside path through Shrewsbury, weaving in and out of locals and holidaymakers enjoying the Sunday sunshine, I almost crashed into a a bright blue T-shirt standing next to a large silvery-grey rickshaw. Pedicab Phil was standing proudly to attention in the shade of an […]

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Pedal Powered Pensioner

Pedal Powered Pensioner Camborne

Pedal Powered Pensioner Jean, from Camborne, has been cycling for a lifetime, well 57 years to be precise. Now that’s not bad going. She started as a teenager, at sweet 17 and now, at seventy four, she still uses her bicycle to get around town, equipped with two pannier shopping bags and just three gears. […]

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