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Adventures in Japan: Our Haiku Journal Week 2

Tokyo Tower at Night

The Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 2 Our second week of adventures in Japan and we are getting into our stride. We’ve been hiking in the Japan Alps, cuddling cats in a cat cafe, meeting robots, being blinded by neon, searching for Mount Fuji and praying to the Gods of IT. If you [...]

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A Haiku Travel Diary – Adventures in Japan Week 1

The Week in Haiku

A Haiku Travel Diary – Adventures in Japan Week 1 We love exploring different ways to bring you a taste of our travels and adventures. As Japan is the home of Haiku poetry we thought it would be fun to try and publish a kind of Haiku Travel journal, live while we travel around Japan. Each [...]

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Tasting Japan in London: Sushi School & Beyond

Japanese Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park

A Taste of Japan in London: Sushi School & Beyond Can you prepare yourself for a total immersion into a country as complex, different and ritualistic as Japan? Probably not. But we’re giving it a go anyway. We are in London for two days to experience some of the food, culture, spirituality and practicalities of [...]

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Who wants to be a Millionnaire?

IHG Rewards Club Points Millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionnaire? Fancy being a millionaire for a summer? We do. And in a collaboration with the InterContinental Hotels Group we are going to be. Kind of. Just not the money kind. But it does mean we will be sleeping on fresh pillows in some exciting IHG hotels as part of [...]

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Family Sailing: 4 Great Places to Learn to Sail

Family Sailing in Scotland, rouding Cumbrae

Family Sailing: 4 Great Places to Learn to Sail Have you ever considered sailing off into the sunset with the kids? So what if you can’t tell your “lee ho” from your “ready about”… don’t let that put you off. Like anything, it just takes tuition and perseverance to pick up the necessary skills and [...]

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Flying turtles in Samoa

Samoa Looking out to Sea

Flying Turtles in Samoa From:         Kirstie Date:          5th June 2005 Subject:     Flying turtles Place:        Virgin Cove, Upolu, Independent Samoa “You know what Mum? We aren’t a Family on a Bike any more, we’re a Family In A Turtle,” Matthew said happily, as he thrust [...]

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Cleaning up at the beach

From: KirstieDate: 3rd June 2005Subject: Cleaning up at the beachPlace: The Beach, Upolu, Independent Samoa Grasping the broom with expert hands he drags each twig across the sand, catching coral shell, stone, leaf, underneath the pure white grain.Unnatural mess of tide and rain, scrubbed and cleaned with light caress. Nature now a postcard scene, no [...]

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Fish food

Breakfast in a Fale Samoa

What would you like for dinner? “Would you like fish or chicken for dinner?” “Umm chicken sounds nice, I’ll go for that.” “Sorry there is no chicken.” “Oh right. How about fish then?” “Yes.” “Right. I’ll have fish then.” “Would you like chips or rice with that?” “Chips?” “Rice?” “Rice it is then.” Drawing fish [...]

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The waiting game

From: Stuart Date: 26th May 2005 Subject: The waiting game Place: Apia, Upolu, Independent Samoa There’s something about this place that makes time slow down; in fact on Sunday afternoons I’m pretty sure it stops. Everything else does. For time fixated westerners, used to cramming every day with activity, each beautiful day here brings another [...]

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Samoan pop idol

From: KirstieDate: 25th May 2005Subject: Samoan pop idolPlace: Apia, Upolu, Independent Samoa Cameron was desperate for the toilet. As we approached the small concrete building behind the tourist office, it was obvious there was no room for him to do his business. In the ladies toilet, a babble of half dressed Polynesian girls spilled out [...]

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