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Flying turtles in Samoa

Samoa Looking out to Sea

Flying Turtles in Samoa From:         Kirstie Date:          5th June 2005 Subject:     Flying turtles Place:        Virgin Cove, Upolu, Independent Samoa “You know what Mum? We aren’t a Family on a Bike any more, we’re a Family In A Turtle,” Matthew said happily, as he thrust […]

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Cleaning up at the beach

From: KirstieDate: 3rd June 2005Subject: Cleaning up at the beachPlace: The Beach, Upolu, Independent Samoa Grasping the broom with expert hands he drags each twig across the sand, catching coral shell, stone, leaf, underneath the pure white grain.Unnatural mess of tide and rain, scrubbed and cleaned with light caress. Nature now a postcard scene, no […]

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Fish food

Breakfast in a Fale Samoa

What would you like for dinner? “Would you like fish or chicken for dinner?” “Umm chicken sounds nice, I’ll go for that.” “Sorry there is no chicken.” “Oh right. How about fish then?” “Yes.” “Right. I’ll have fish then.” “Would you like chips or rice with that?” “Chips?” “Rice?” “Rice it is then.” Drawing fish […]

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The waiting game

From: Stuart Date: 26th May 2005 Subject: The waiting game Place: Apia, Upolu, Independent Samoa There’s something about this place that makes time slow down; in fact on Sunday afternoons I’m pretty sure it stops. Everything else does. For time fixated westerners, used to cramming every day with activity, each beautiful day here brings another […]

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Samoan pop idol

From: KirstieDate: 25th May 2005Subject: Samoan pop idolPlace: Apia, Upolu, Independent Samoa Cameron was desperate for the toilet. As we approached the small concrete building behind the tourist office, it was obvious there was no room for him to do his business. In the ladies toilet, a babble of half dressed Polynesian girls spilled out […]

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Bible bashing

From: KirstieDate: 22nd May 2005Subject: Bible bashingPlace: Satuiatua, Savai’i, Independent Samoa Stuart had a talk with Matthew and Cameron over breakfast. “Sunday is a very special time for Samoans. They go to church and then spend the day resting with their families and enjoy a special lunch together. We’ve been invited to join in; so […]

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A question of survival

From: Stuart Date: 20th May 2005 Subject: A question of survival Place: Manase, Savi’i, Independent Samoa “Can you eat these worms?” asked Matthew as two little caterpillar like creatures crawled up his arm and onto his T-shirt. I wondered if Steve had been talking survival techniques with him.“Well, you probably could if you really, really […]

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Eaten by a tiger

Eaten by a tiger From:    Kirstie Date:      16th May 2005 Subject: Eaten by a tiger Place:      Satuiatua, Savai’i, Independent Samoa I’m at the Doctor’s surgery.. A large Samoan lady sat between me and the doctor’s surgery. “She must be the Women’s Committee representative,” Steve whispered, “We’ll have to win her […]

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Another day in paradise?

Rainbow Samoa Beach

Another day in paradise? On Namua island From:       Stuart Date:        14th May 2005 Subject:   Another day in paradise? Place:       Namua Island, Independent Samoa Not quite how I imagined it I lie in bed all day, feeling sorry for myself; imprisoned in a mosquito net, escaping once an hour […]

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Finding Farter Crispmas – Eco touring part 2

From: StuartDate: 13th May 2005Subject: Finding Farter Crispmas – Eco touring part 2Place: Sa’anapu Mangrove Swamps, Upolu, Samoa We paddled quietly up into the mangrove swamps, wrinkled hands and fingers clutching our kayak paddles, rain soaked shirts sticking to our backs, hot tropical rain pummelling down then splashing back up off the cool river. But […]

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