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It’s not easy being three

It’s not easy being three It’s about this time in every trip that the journey starts to take its toll. So far this summer we’ve cycled 1600 kilometres, sometimes over rough terrain, for forty days. We’ve slept away from our own beds for forty nights. Our tent’s been pitched in conventional places like campsites and […]

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Things are not always what they seem… in Tallinn

Cyclists on Toompea

Things are not always what they seem… in Tallinn Tallin was always going to be great. Top of Baltic pops. Top of our Baltic journey. And an obvious end of a chapter on this strange journey to Moominworld. Our guidebook had pumped Tallin up so we pedalled hard to try and get there early to […]

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Eye of the storm

“I’m cooking like a turkey on Christmas day,” I muttered, looking in vain for any scrap of shade on this scrubby land at the side of the road. “I’m a hot chicken too, Mummy,” whined Hannah, burying her head into my leg. Meanwhile Cameron pushed his entire body under the buggy in an effort to […]

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The sea of love

Lake Otepaa Estonia

The Sea of Love, Lake Pühajärv, Estonia “Is that the sea of love Dad?” asked Hannah catching sight of a shimmer of blue through the trees. But my mind was elsewhere, trying to figure how out to ask the young man in Estonian army khakis whether we could ride down the road he was blocking. […]

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Valka: Split personalities on the Estonia Latvia Border

Wooden house in Valka

Valka: Split personalities on the Latvian Estonia Border We cycled into Valka with high hopes. It was our last night in Latvia; time for a celebration. A beer or two, maybe dinner out. “This town must be good,” I said to Matthew. “The Estonians and Latvians both wanted it so much when the two countries […]

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