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Breakfast in the Bunker: Soviet Nuclear Bunker Tour

Statue of Lenin in Nuclear Bunker Latvia

Breakfast in the Bunker The dining room was austere and breakfast was sparse; a slice of cucumber, a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese and salami. Some stale black rye bread. A juice in a little carton. We ate. A woman watched from the serving hatch of the old soviet building. She scared me. […]

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Valka: Split personalities on the Estonia Latvia Border

Wooden house in Valka

Valka: Split personalities on the Latvian Estonia Border We cycled into Valka with high hopes. It was our last night in Latvia; time for a celebration. A beer or two, maybe dinner out. “This town must be good,” I said to Matthew. “The Estonians and Latvians both wanted it so much when the two countries […]

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It started with a crisp

Picnic by the road

It all started with a crisp It was a long wet ride from Valmiera to Valka, our last road in Latvia. The road itself looked much the same as the one we entered Latvia on, a black and white scratch through thick green forest, but I felt differently about it now compared to the night […]

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Three wise men and a Riga architecture tour

Cycling in Riga, Latvia

Three wise men of Riga Learning about Riga architecture and history As we cycled into Riga a smartly dressed silver haired pensioner waved a union jack clipboard at us, stepped into our path and brought us to a standstill. At first I thought it may be another drunk but as he started to speak he […]

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Captain’s Dilemma: To Llama Park? Or not?

The Captain’s Dilemma: Llama Park? Or not? Matthew is Captain of the Day and the strain is showing even though it’s only 10am. He wants to go to the Raksis Llama Park near Cesis. He did a project on llamas at school and is VERY keen to see some up- close. But getting there means […]

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From Russia with love

Nemo Waterpark Jurmala Latvia

Welcome to Jurmala There was a queue building up to get into the driveway of the huge wooden house with sprawling grounds and elaborate wrought iron fencing designed to keep out people like us. Two BMW’s and a Mercedes beeped their horns and shouted through their windows. We only wanted to get past the drive […]

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Bobsleigh Sigulda, Latvia: A Kids View

Bobsled Sigulda Latvia - Here We Go

Bobsleigh Sigulda: A Kids View The first time I saw the bobsled run I thought if we were going on that it must be fast. The Russians built the bobsleigh Sigulda to train for the Sarajevo Olympic games. It looked very scary but at the same time amazing; it twisted and turned loads. I said […]

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Curse of Ali Shazam: Cycling Misadventures Latvia

Ali Shazam Toy on Bike Handlebars while Cycle Touring in the Bal

Curse of Ali Shazam: Cycling Misadventures Latvia Do you know that feeling when strange things happen while travelling? Things that don’t seem to happen to ‘normal’ people.  When one thing after another went wrong while cycling in Latvia, I became convinced there was some supernatural force at work. In the shape of a toy wizard we […]

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Yes Comrade Commander: at Karosta Prison

Karosta Prison

Yes Comrade Commander: At Karosta Prison We weren’t sure we could get our bikes through the gates. But the man in the uniform was certain we could. He apologised for not speaking perfect English and then spoke perfect English, standing upright in his army outfit and cap. He wasn’t impressed with the boys’ postures. I […]

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Some things are meant to be.. finding a bed in Latvia

Sleeping on the floor Liepiaja

Some things are meant to be… Erhans believed we were meant to meet. “When I stopped to take a picture of you, I knew you weren’t regular cyclists.” And it seemed we were meant to meet Erhans. We had cycled into Liepaja with high hopes. After several days camping, we were hot, dirty, tired and […]

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