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Break for the border: On and over the Latvia border

Approaching the Latvian border

Break for Latvia border We hadn’t intended to cross the Lithuania Latvia border and enter Latvia. Well not that night, anyway. We’d been hoping to stay in or just beyond Palanga, to give time to prepare ourselves for the transition, learn a few phrases, get some local currency. Palanga was billed in our guide as […]

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Potholes and pig-dogs? Arriving in Lithuania

Apartment Building Klaipeda

Arriving in Lithuania ¬†Lorries bound for Baltic destinations accelerated past us in the dusk. Their ease at thundering over pot-holes without a second glance contrasted with our caution. “Pot-hole,” I shouted to Stuart again and again. He was right behind me and couldn’t see the road in front. Often my warning had to extend to […]

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Shower cap or saddle cover?

Shower cap or saddle cover? “Another coffee?” “Why not?” Our cycling day was almost over. Now all we had to do was get our bicycles on the ferry. We had reached the port in Kiel to catch the overnight ferry to Lithuania. We thought we must be close to the ferry because we spotted a […]

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