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Postcards from… fairy tale Copenhagen

Copenhagen E-card - Budget

Postcards from… fairy tale Copenhagen This is the third in our series of “Postcards from…” brought to you in conjunction with Budget UK.  This time we’re in a city of fairy tales. The famous Palaces of Amelienborg (above) have their own very real Queen and Princes in residence, which of course is the stuff of […]

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From rainbow islands to the mists of East Iceland

Torshavn, Faroe Islands

From rainbow islands to the mists of East Iceland Catching a ferry to Iceland isn’t like catching a ferry to anywhere else in the world. From check-in until disembarkation, the combination of vehicles, people and scenery give you the sense of entering another world, with a bunch of natural born explorers…. We feel like the […]

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Getting wet and wild in Billund..

Cameron reading his guide, Givskud Zoo, Denmark

Wet and wild in Billund… Billund in Denmark is famous for one thing. Bricks. Lands made out of bricks, rides made out of bricks and model kits made out of…yes you guessed it. But there’s much more to Billund than Lego. After visiting Polar Land to ride the Polarcoaster we went on to test out […]

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Riding the Polarcoaster.. at Legoland Billund

Polar Explorer, Legoland Billund

Ever been on a Polarcoaster? Not even sure what that is? We weren’t either until we put on our thermals and prepared to duck and dive with the penguins on the all new Polar Xplorer ride at Legoland. We just couldn’t resist a sniff of the Antarctic on our long journey to Iceland…. Ever been […]

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Adventure Islands here we come. But first…..

Iceland Geysir Geothermal Area

Adventure Islands here we come. But first….. Mum’s going to Iceland. Yes I know we were only there in April. But that was more of a city break, in Reykjavik. This time the plan is to tour the island, camping and biking in the wilder parts and searching out adventure all the way around. Which […]

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Man Meets the Sea: Starting a journey

Marking beginnings: Man Meets the Sea Never mind the storm brewing, and the fact we were on bikes, or that this would obviously take us in the wrong direction when we were supposed to be starting a journey; once I’d spotted these pure white giants staring straight at us as our ferry approached Denmark, I […]

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Happiness is a Lego brick: Legoland Billund

Legoland Hotel Billund

Happiness is a Lego Brick: Legoland Billund We had no intention of diverting from our route. It was nice, if a little dull. Denmark was consistently an uneventful combination of flat riding, pleasant weather, Viking centres and cabins available on campsites at the end of every day. But then we bought a vanilla slice at […]

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Things that go bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night The starchy collar, old top hat and overcoat helped me feel the part but it was the cane that really got me attention. Thwack! It made a great sound when it hit the desk. Yes! I liked the part of evil schoolmaster. “Now get back to your desk […]

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Having Triplets On A Train

Bikes waiting for train on platform

Having Triplets On A Train “You can’t come all the way to Denmark, home of the Vikings, and not visit the Viking Centre!” said Stuart. And so began a two day diversion that would bring two islands, an international border, and some unexpected drama. You’ve got to visit a Viking Centre The Viking centre was […]

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And the sky opened and the journey began

Men at Sea Esbjerg

Under a darkening sky We are cycling through the village Store Darum in Denmark. With a motorcycle escort. He is trying to go as slowly as we are pedalling. Our speed is tricky for him and he circles ahead. He is wet. We are more wet. He pootles back to us and lifts off his […]

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