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Men in Black: Le President in Boulogne

Men in Black In Boulogne at the start of our summer adventure, on a visit to Nausicaa and the Boulogne Festival of the Sea, we get caught up in a visit by the French President. We unwittingly tail Le President as he moves around the city. With his security force. And I find myself inexplicably […]

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Nausicaa Boulogne: We’re all islanders now

Nausicaa Boulogne

Nausicaa Boulogne: We’re all islanders now The ocean is an underwater treasure trove, life support and global resource. It covers nearly ¾ of the globe, with no real borders or boundaries. But have you been down to the sea lately? How well do you know it? What’s in it? Where has it been? And where […]

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Adventure Ideas 9: Home from home yet not at home

Adventure Ideas: Home away from home When it comes to travel I’m a bit of a restless soul, more into the journey than making a base from which to explore. But if adventure’s about getting out of your comfort zone maybe it’s time I settled down somewhere else for a week or two. So for […]

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Adios Espana, Bonjour La France

Crossing borders isn’t half the fun it used to be. No police, papers orpassports anymore. But still in just a few metres so much can change. From beer to wine, bimbo bread to croissants, stale cake to divine creations. But if this is so obviously France why do we keep speaking Spanish?

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