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Postcards from… Amsterdam

Postcard from Amsterdam Budget UK

Postcards from… Amsterdam This is the first in a new series of posts, “Postcards from…” brought to you in conjunction with Budget UK. In each post we’ll take you to a different European city and pick out five cool places to send a postcard from.  I know, a postcard sounds old fashioned, so if you […]

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Upside down on a zip wire… backwards

Wild Water Rafting, Center Parcs, Het Heijderbos

After a day spent relaxing amongst the horticultural colour at the 2012 Floriade in Venlo, it seemed appropriate to stay in a green space where bikes rule, cars are excluded and family action is order of the day. And so to Center Parcs Het Heijderbos, a short drive from Venlo,  for some wildwater fun, a […]

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Theatre of Nature, at Floriade 2012, Venlo

Green Chair, Floriade 2012, Venlo

Venlo is the second largest continuous horticultural area in Western Europe. And this year it’s also home to the latest reincarnation of Floriade – a pop up World Horticultural Expo that appears once a decade.  If you don’t know what that means, think the biggest garden party in the world. The theme for the 2012 […]

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View from the bridge… and the captain’s chair

Looking out to sea

Shortly after our ship departs from Newcastle for Amsterdam, we are escorted up to the bridge. But not because we are in trouble. We have been invited up to see the view and to find out a little about life upstairs and what’s involved in captaining a modern cruise ferry.    View from the Bridge […]

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Adventure Islands here we come. But first…..

Iceland Geysir Geothermal Area

Adventure Islands here we come. But first….. Mum’s going to Iceland. Yes I know we were only there in April. But that was more of a city break, in Reykjavik. This time the plan is to tour the island, camping and biking in the wilder parts and searching out adventure all the way around. Which […]

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Mind the gap: night(mare) train to Munich

Mind the gap – night(mare) train to Munich We unhook the luggage from the bikes and lug them up a set of stairs in the tail end of the rush hour at Amsterdam Centraal station. Platform 7b is several hundred metres long. We stand knee deep in baggage and bikes as a family from Amsterdam […]

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Getting into the rhythm of the road

Setting off we have to transform from a stay at home family to something else Our first full week of cycling. Filled with the usual first week questions of how to establish a rhythm, pace and sense of purpose for the trip. Setting the ground rules, figuring out how we function as a family; what […]

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The Language Barrier

Welcome to Holland, where everyone speaks English, don’t they? In the town of Maarsee we make a detour from the main road. A tent icon on our map indicates there is a campsite nearby. But it seems unlikely, as row after row of houses line ordered roads full of smart terraced homes. Neatly dressed people take their evening […]

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Doctor Dolly

‘Where are we going? When are we going to get there? Where’s the playground? Why is it a long way?’ Hannah was fed up of cycling. Her first morning on the back of the tandem was too long for both of us. She was spending more time whinging than sightseeing, pedaling or enjoying herself. By […]

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The hooded claw

All ready for the off… at the port in Newcastle On our way to Amsterdam for an Easter break, the kids get a magazine to help pass the journey. They all come with a plastic toy. Matthew gets a bow and arrow, Hannah gets a phone and Cam gets a metallic looking gripping claw hand. […]

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