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Because: a parent’s poem about childhood

Because a video poem about childhood

Because: a parent’s poem about childhood How many reluctant poets write their own versions of Roses are Red, Violets are Blue around Valentines day to celebrate love and impress someone special? I don’t normally go in for that kind of thing. But recently I became choked up while giving a talk to the female version […]

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Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival 2013

Reykjavik Children's Culture Festival

Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival 2013 What’s your view on culture for kids? A waste of time? A developmental priority? A welcome distraction from online gaming? In Iceland, it’s highly valued. So much so that they’ve hooked one of their annual city festivals onto it.  As the third Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival kicks off again this […]

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Talking Point 19: Fishing for experiences

Fishing Eskifjordur

Talking Point 19: Fishing for experiences I’m fortunate (or is it unfortunate) enough to have never had to fish for my supper. I’ve never had to bait up a line, cast off, reel in or gut a fish. I’ve never really driven a motor boat either. So perhaps it was a little foolish of us […]

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Living with lava – family life under a volcano

Eyafjallajokull Visitor Centre

Family life in the shadow of Eyjafjallajökull How do you feel about volcanoes? Would you give your right arm to see one blow, or run as fast as you could in the other direction? Iceland’s Eyjafjalljokull Erupts Visitor Centre at Thorvaldseyri may change your mind about moulten magma. It offers tourists a personal, emotive film show, following one […]

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Ice Age TV – the drama of Jökulsárlón

Throwing Ice into Glacial Lagoon

Even if you are expecting it, your first sight of the glacial lagoon, Jökulsárlón, is still a shock. Visitors to Iceland beware; one minute you are driving around the ring road listening to Bjork on the radio, and the next you are slamming on your brakes to avoid crashing into the ice age. After so […]

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Fisherman Fishing Village – at Sudureyri

Sudereyri Fisherman's Project Fish Processing Factory

If you live in the remote Western Fjords of Iceland, you have to be imaginative about how you reel in visitors and their spending money. That’s where fish hooks come in useful as we found out when we visited the Fisherman Fishing Village Project in Sudureyri…. The Fisherman Fishing Village – at Sudureyri In Sudureyri […]

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Puffin hunting – in Vestmannaeyjar

 We’d seen them from afar on a schooner in Husavik. We’d seen them on the menu in Reykjavik. We’d seen them as soft toys, keyrings and postcards, but we hadn’t seen a real one up-close for ourselves. So where better than on Vestmannaeyjar (the Westman Islands), home to the world’s largest puffin colony, to try […]

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Glacier hiking on top of volcanoes – at Skaftafell

In Ice Arch on Glacier

If you want get up close to a glacier, then Iceland is a great place to do it. In the south of the country, just a few hours out of the capital, they pour down and almost touch the ring road with alarming regularity. And from the towering blue pillars to the silt ridden tongues, […]

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Rivers, refugees and rhyolite – at Landmannalaugar

Road from Landmannalaugar Fjallabak Route

After a nervous but rewarding first day exploring the Icelandic interior in our trusty 4WD Dodge Durango, we head off on the Fjallabak route towards the tourist honeypot of Landmannalaugar. It’s the starting point for several of the most popular hiking routes in Iceland, but on the bleak night we visit, it’s overcrowded and apocalyptical. […]

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To the interior and beyond…. 4WD adventure

4WD Dodge on Volcanic Landscape, Fjallaback Route

When we first arrived in Iceland I scoffed at all the great big 4WD trucks rolling off the ferry with their monster tyres, flight cases, jerry cans and strap-on spades. I thought we’d be fine in our lovely Ford Mondeo with our bikes on the roof and Thule box on the back. And we have […]

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