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Heart of the Lakes: Heart Shaped Travel Experiment

Coniston from East Shore Road in Autumn

Heart of the Lakes: An Experiment in Heart Shaped Travel How do you like to journey? Are you a planner? A dreamer? A dictator? Have you ever given creative control of your trip to someone or someTHING else? We recently put a cycle tour in the hands of an app and set out on a mission […]

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Driving in Japan: Tips for a Japanese Road Trip

Japanese Road Trip

Driving in Japan: Tips for a Japanese Road Trip Taking a Japanese road trip is like taking a swim in a Mount Fuji Lake. You plunge in headfirst, gasping for air and paddling like a supersonic duck. But once you right yourself and start to swim, it can be a reflective, Zen-like experience, blessed with amazing views […]

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Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon

Why do we explore

Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon  Why do we explore? What would a man who had been to the moon say to us ‘ordinary folk’ about exploring? Is it for everyone or is true adventure the province of elite athletes, professional adventurers and high end adventure companies?   Who has the desire to explore? “People […]

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Taking a Family Wine Tour Catalonian Style

Fermentation Tank at Eudald Massana Noya Winery, Costa Barcelona

Family Wine tours in Catalonia Do you love wine? Of course you do. Have you ever considered taking the family on a wine tour? Of course you haven’t. Well then let me introduce you to the wineries of Catalonia where you and the kids can hike, bike, paint, nordic walk and learn about wine production […]

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Why Visit The Philippines? For Travel that Matters

Preparing the banca for an island hopping excursion at Mactan Is

Why visit The Philippines? For Travel that Matters Do you believe in making your travel matter? Are you thinking about a long haul trip this year? If so, would you consider The Philippines? November 8th was the anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan. On this day in 2013 the super typhoon, one of the strongest cyclones on record, […]

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10 Ideas for Days Out with English Heritage

English Heritage Days Out

10 Ideas for Days Out with English Heritage Tired of dragging vacant kids around museums that only speak of the past? Want to engage them in the story and drama behind their heritage? English Heritage properties might be about history but many of them reach out to the modern family. In this post, brought to […]

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Sticker on the Heart: Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove

Dolphin in captivity at Taiji Whale Museum

A Sticker on the Heart: Family Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove Would you ever take action for what you believe in? What if that action may have consequences? And your children are there to witness, or even join in? While on holiday in Japan this summer we watched ‘The Cove’, a documentary about the […]

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Techno Robot Madness at Robot Restaurant Tokyo

Queuing for the Tokyo Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, Japan

Techno Robot Madness at Robot Restaurant Tokyo Tokyo’s Robot Restaurant is one of those rare things in life. A unique blend of imagination, big thinking, spectacle and a reported five million lightbulbs. It’s also, unexpectedly, a family show and bonding experience. Yes there are dancing girls but this is NOT an adult show. And don’t […]

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A Most Rewarding Summer of Japanese Adventures

Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima near Hiroshima

A Most Rewarding Summer of Japanese Adventures This summer we discovered Japan, thanks in part to a partnership with the InterContinental Hotels Group.  If you’ve been following our blog for a while you’ll know our travel style isn’t usually at the luxury end of the spectrum but this summer, thanks to IHG, we were able […]

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Yet Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 4

Kimono walk in Old Kyoto

Yet Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 4 Our final week in Japan and the pace hasn’t let up or perhaps we haven’t. So much for a month spent meditating on the sound of one hand clapping. This week has been a right old mix of ancient and modern. We’ve been to industrial […]

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