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Taking a Family Wine Tour Catalonian Style

Fermentation Tank at Eudald Massana Noya Winery, Costa Barcelona

Family Wine tours in Catalonia Do you love wine? Of course you do. Have you ever considered taking the family on a wine tour? Of course you haven’t. Well then let me introduce you to the wineries of Catalonia where you and the kids can hike, bike, paint, nordic walk and learn about wine production […]

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Yet Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 4

Kimono walk in Old Kyoto

Yet Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 4 Our final week in Japan and the pace hasn’t let up or perhaps we haven’t. So much for a month spent meditating on the sound of one hand clapping. This week has been a right old mix of ancient and modern. We’ve been to industrial […]

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Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 3

Stirring the Incense at the Todai-ji Temple in Nara

Another Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 3 Week three in Japan and still the haiku keep coming. I’m surprised how we’ve managed to keep this up. It requires a bit of daily discipline but seems to be a great way to journal that forces you to try and capture the essence of something, whatever […]

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Adventures in Japan: Our Haiku Journal Week 2

Tokyo Tower at Night

The Week in Haiku – Adventures in Japan 2 Our second week of adventures in Japan and we are getting into our stride. We’ve been hiking in the Japan Alps, cuddling cats in a cat cafe, meeting robots, being blinded by neon, searching for Mount Fuji and praying to the Gods of IT. If you […]

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Haiku Travel Diary: Japan Adventures Week 1

The Week in Haiku

A Haiku Travel Diary – Adventures in Japan Week 1 We love exploring different ways to bring you a taste of our travels and adventures. As Japan is the home of Haiku poetry we thought it would be fun to try and publish a kind of Haiku Travel journal, live while we travel around Japan. Each […]

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Eating like a local: Barcelona food guide

Boqueria Market Barcelona Fish for Sale

Eating like a local in Barcelona Food is integral to Barcelona. And it is likely to be integral to your tourist experience of the city. But unlike some European cities, you don’t have to part with the contents of your wallet in honeypot restaurants. If you eat where the locals eat, and when they eat, […]

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The Spinning Suns of Medjugorje, Bosnia

Cooling off on the road to Medjugorje

In search of Our Lady of the Mountains in Medjugorje With the lavender scent of Hvar firmly behind us as we head on our way to Mostar, we take a detour towards the mountains to visit the famous town of Medjugorje in Southern Bosnia. Riding along under a voluminous morning sky, we squint hopefully at a […]

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Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village

Honey tasting in Pliskovica

Pliskovica: a traditional Slovenian Karst village Where in the world can you have a go at cutting limestone, taste six types of honey and meet the bees that produced it, bike around vineyards then play traditional shepherds’ games on a hillside? And all in one day, if you have the energy in the glorious sunshine. […]

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Llandudno & Conwy Social Media SatNav Challenge

Llandudno Pier reflected in Sweety Cabin

What to do in LLandudno & Conwy in 48 hours? In the midst of chaos in the lead up to our summer expedition to the Balkans, we head off to the North Wales coast for a family weekend in Llandudno and Conwy. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not like we need a holiday. And […]

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10 life lessons from Dali. No really, not surreally.

Is it art or is it life? At the Dali museum Figueres

10 life lessons from the Dali museum. No really, not surreally. I fell in love in the Costa Brava. But believe me this was no normal holiday romance. My new fella and I don’t speak the same language and I have to squint to see his viewpoint about anything. He sports the world’s most famous moustache […]

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