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How to have an adventure every day

How to have an adventure every day Is the endless domestic treadmill turning you into a robot? Ever felt like sweeping the washing straight from the tumble dryer into the bin? Have you forgotten how to have an adventure? Do you find yourself rolling through life in a rather unpleasant comfort bubble? Then STOP! There […]

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Learning how to be brave: a lesson for parents & kids

Jumping off Savin Kuk in the mountains of Montenegro

Learning how to be brave Do you trust your kids? With their own life? Really? It’s harder than it sounds. I thought I was a relaxed Mum when it came to adventure. But when my daughter started to risk assess for herself, I panicked. A seven year old girl was surely too young to make […]

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Stories from the Spanish Snow #InPyrenees

Stories from the Spanish Snow #InPyrenees There’s nothing that symbolises winter like a snow flake; a statement that was recently proved when a single flake clung on to the global spotlight, ousting an Olympic Ring in the process. Its historic moment on the world stage was perhaps more meaningful to us than most as we’re […]

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The Scottish Trossachs: a winter paddling challenge

Forest Holidays Cottage Strathyre

The Scottish Trossachs – and a winter paddling challenge Just 30 miles from Glasgow, The Trossachs is a secret the canny Scots have kept to themselves. While bus-loads of tourists puzzle out the likelihood of a monster in the depths of Loch Ness, and everyone leaving Glasgow seems to head straight up the A82 for the […]

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14 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures

Microadventure Ideas

14 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures Adventure isn’t all about exploring uncharted territories in far away locations. You can have just as much fun doing something new, different or challenging at home. Some of our best mini-adventures have been close to home, in the UK and Europe. You see adventure is not about a particular […]

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Postcards from… Amsterdam

Postcard from Amsterdam Budget UK

Postcards from… Amsterdam This is the first in a new series of posts, “Postcards from…” brought to you in conjunction with Budget UK. In each post we’ll take you to a different European city and pick out five cool places to send a postcard from.  I know, a postcard sounds old fashioned, so if you […]

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Kravica Falls, Bosnia: A father & son microadventure

Waterfall climber at Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia

Kravica Falls, Bosnia: A father & son microadventure On the way to Medjugorje we have an option to make a detour to an exciting sounding set of waterfalls. The mission has all the makings of a good microadventure… a clear goal, a bit of challenge and a rather vague set of directions.  But not everyone is […]

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Monster Rollers: Downhill Scootering in Julian Alps

Monster Rollers. On a Downhill Scooter in Bovec, Slovenia Scooters are great for kids. In the back yard. But what about a downhill scooter? On a mountain? 18 kms of mountain? With sheer drop at the side? I don’t let my daughter go to the village shop unaccompanied on hers. Therefore I was a little […]

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White Water Rafting on the Soca River, Slovenia

Rafting the Soca RIver in Slovenia

White Water Rafting on the Soca River, Slovenia Slovenia’s Soċa River is a pure turquoise gem. One of two primary waterways running through the country, it’s as integral to the geological back story of the area as it is a part of daily life. Running from its source high in the Julian Alps to the […]

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Al Humphreys & Solstice Microadventure Secrets

Terra Nova Jupiter Bivy on fell

Alastair Humphreys & the Not so Secret Solstice Microadventurers Have you heard of the 5 – 9ers? A secret society of ordinary people doing a rather unusual thing. They leave work at 5 to head for the hills, a forest, riverside or mountain top. Armed with snacks, a bivy bag and sleeping bag, and for […]

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