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Man Meets the Sea: Starting a journey

Marking beginnings: Man Meets the Sea Never mind the storm brewing, and the fact we were on bikes, or that this would obviously take us in the wrong direction when we were supposed to be starting a journey; once I’d spotted these pure white giants staring straight at us as our ferry approached Denmark, I […]

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Happiness is a Lego brick: Legoland Billund

Legoland Hotel Billund

Happiness is a Lego Brick: Legoland Billund We had no intention of diverting from our route. It was nice, if a little dull. Denmark was consistently an uneventful combination of flat riding, pleasant weather, Viking centres and cabins available on campsites at the end of every day. But then we bought a vanilla slice at […]

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Things that go bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night The starchy collar, old top hat and overcoat helped me feel the part but it was the cane that really got me attention. Thwack! It made a great sound when it hit the desk. Yes! I liked the part of evil schoolmaster. “Now get back to your desk […]

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No time to relax: a day in Helsinki

Relaxing in Helsinki

What shall we do in Helsinki? Making our way back home from the Baltics after a week in Aland, a visit to Moominworld and a stumble around Turku involved changing ferries in Helsinki. Seemed a great opportunity to do a little sightseeing in the Finnish capital. At least that’s what we thought, until we checked the […]

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Stumbleupon – Exploring Turku

Contemplating the sights of Turku, European Capital of Culture 2011 “OK. How does nude karaoke, Hvitflet horse sausage and a visit to the donut and pea soup oasis sound?” As Captain it was my turn to brief my four burger munching companions on the day’s activities.  Matthew eventually broke the chewy silence, “I don’t really like the […]

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Moomin Magic at Moominworld

Moominpapa at The Lighthouse in MoominWorld

Moomin Magic at Moominworld “The Joxter lived all over the place, sometimes in an apple tree and other times in a tent. He had songs, apples and the freedom to sleep in every morning. And no one told him he should take care of this and that; instead he just let things take care of […]

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Island hopping in Ǻland

Aland Islands

Island hopping in Aland The chair took off and skated down the deck clattering into the deck rails that stopped it spinning off into the Gulf of Finland.  Hannah squealed with laughter, although you could hardly see it for the hair wrapped around her face by the wind.  Our ride across Ǻland and the Finnish […]

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The sun sets on the Baltics and rises in Aland

Bring on the sunrise

The sun sets on the Baltics and rises in Aland The knock on our cabin door came at half past four in the morning. By twenty to five we had woken the children from a deep sleep and stumbled with them downstairs. On deck 6 the disco was still going and the smell of beer […]

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It’s not easy being three

It’s not easy being three It’s about this time in every trip that the journey starts to take its toll. So far this summer we’ve cycled 1600 kilometres, sometimes over rough terrain, for forty days. We’ve slept away from our own beds for forty nights. Our tent’s been pitched in conventional places like campsites and […]

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Things are not always what they seem… in Tallinn

Cyclists on Toompea

Things are not always what they seem… in Tallinn Tallin was always going to be great. Top of Baltic pops. Top of our Baltic journey. And an obvious end of a chapter on this strange journey to Moominworld. Our guidebook had pumped Tallin up so we pedalled hard to try and get there early to […]

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