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Newsletter September 2005

The Family Adventure Project and Family on a Bike e-newsletter Welcome to our September 2005 updateRead it online at: Well, it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch and we wish we could say that not much has happened. But since we last wrote to you in June we’ve travelled nearly ten thousand […]

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Home sweet home

View out over fields from The Square Burton in Kendal

From: Stuart Subject: Home sweet home Place: Cumbria, England The boys were on the edge of their seats, straining out the window of the bus for their first glimpse of home. I wondered if they’d recognise it after all this time, particularly Cameron who seemed so small and young when we left and is now […]

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Start spreading the news.. we’re leaving today

From:      KirstieDate:       4th August 2005Subject:   Start spreading the news, we’re leaving todayPlace:      New York City, USA The man in uniform took the kids’ ice creams before they even had time to pull the wrappers off. He placed them in a plastic tray on a short conveyor belt. Matthew […]

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Mission Improbable: Coast to Coast USA

Stuart Profile Small

Mission Improbable: Coast to Coast USA From:     Stuart Subject: Mission improbable Place:      West Coast to East Coast USA Your mission, should you choose to accept it.. The boys sat happily devouring their fish and chips, tomato sauce smeared around their faces like bloodied warriors. Kirstie looked up from behind her newspaper, glanced […]

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On the trail of freedom and a big red dog

Boston USA

From:       Kirstie Date:        31st July 2005 Subject:   On the trail of freedom and a big red dog Place:      Boston A thin red line of freedom “What we meant in going for those red-coats was this: We had always governed ourselves, and we always meant to. They didn’t mean […]

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The West Wing

Washington DC

From:      Kirstie Date:      29th July 2005 Subject:  The West Wing Place:     Washington DC, USA The West Wing Washington was a stuffed shirt. An expensive grey suit with a silk burgundy tie and a boring briefcase; in short possibly the dullest capital city I’d ever visited. It was all so different […]

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My kind of town

From: KirstieDate: 25th July 2005Subject: My kind of townPlace: Chicago, Illinois, USA Goodbye wilderness, hello jungle Two teenagers joined me in the brightly lit elevator. Embellished with gold paint, and featuring a gold leaf panel with numbers that lit up as it passed from floor to floor, the lift resembled a Hollywood movie set from […]

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The train that whistled in the night

From: StuartDate: 24th July 2005Subject: The train that whistled in the nightPlace: Chicago, Illinois, USE “Welcome aboard the Empire Builder,” said the sleeping car attendant, a young, fresh looking man in a neatly pressed shirt, bright blue waistcoast and tie. He studied our tickets for a moment. “You guys heading all the way to Chicago […]

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Family Blind Date

From: KirstieDate: 21st July 2005Subject: Family blind datePlace: Seattle, Washington State, USA Your palms are sweating as you ring the doorbell. Will you find them attractive? Will the conversation flow? Do they want kids? Your hands clutch a brown paper bag with the medium priced wine you just bought from the gas station and a […]

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Barnacle or hermit crab

From: StuartDate: 14th July 2005Subject: Barnacle or hermit crabPlace: Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, Canada Pacific Rim National Park, Canada “What kind of a family do you think we are Matthew? Barnacle or hermit crab?” He took a sip of his hot chocolate and thought for a second. “Hermit crab,” he replied grinning at me and wiping […]

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