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The spirit of adventure

Bikes on Horseback Patagonia

The spirit of adventure There’s an inscription on a rock on the southern part of the Carreterra Austral in Southern Chile. It’s dedicated to the pioneers who built that extraordinary road. It reads: “No importa la lluvia ni el frio Porque esto es un trabajo espirituale Y por eso siento orgulloso” Or in English: “It [...]

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The End of the World as We Know It

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: The End of The World….. As We Know It.Date: 25th February 2000Place: Ushuiai, Argentina Dear all, Well, here it is the final installment… the end of our world of cycling… for the moment. We left Chile for the last time on Valentines day. We had crossed in and out of Chile [...]

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The long and incredible story of the Boy from Cochrane

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: The Long and Incredible Story of the Boy from CochraneDate: January 2000 (we’ve lost track!)Place: El Calafate, Argentina (at last) Dear all, You haven´t heard from us for a while…thought we were lost or dead? Well, not quite although it was a close thing at times. Fattened and freshened by our [...]

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Into the crowded wilderness

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: Into the Crowded WildernessDate: 23rd December 1999Place: Coihaique, Chile Dear all, Sometimes in life you meet the most extraordinary people in the most ordinary places. We met Nadine in a Ferreteria (a hardware store). She was buying some magnets to complete the Polynesian handcarved storage cabinets for her 25 metre yacht. [...]

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Losing It

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: Losing ItDate: 30th November 1999Place: Puerto Montt, Chile Hi there, Hope this finds you all well, and starting to get into the Christmas spirit. After all theres only 25 cycling days till Christmas! From all the replies we´ve had to our e mails it sounds like there’s a lot going on [...]

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Changing Places, Changing Faces

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: Changing Places, Changing FacesDate: 7th November 1999Place: Tome, Chile Dear all, Eight weeks in and we are fully adapting to our new nomadic lifestyle, as we forge a path South through Chile. We are now in Tome, 500km south west of Santiago, at the seaside. With this shift to an itinerant [...]

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There’s Bandits in Them There Hills

From: Kirstie and StuartSubject: There’s Bandits in Them There HillsDate: 21st October 1999Place: Guayaquil, Ecuador Dear all, It was as if the Ecuadorian Baggage Handling Service had just discovered clingfilm. The senior baggage assistant insisted on wrapping all of our baggage in it using the world’s largest cling film dispenser. Kirstie looked on anxiously as [...]

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An Explosive Situation: The Avenue of Volcanoes

Stuart as a Pirate

From:      Kirstie and Stuart Subject:  An Explosive Situation Date:       1st October 1999 Place:     Quito, Ecuador (again)Hi everyone…. hope you are all safe and well. An Explosive Situation We thought you might like an update on the Spice Muchachas and the amazing disappearing bicycle. Unofficially, KLM admit the mysterious [...]

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The Spice Muchachas: Cycling in Ecuador

Road to Otavalo Equador

From:       Kirstie and Stuart Subject:   The Spice Muchachas Date:        21st September 1999 Place:      Quito, Ecuador The Spice Muchachas Dear all, This is the new release from the Spice Muchachas. It goes to the tune of “MAMA” and has become very popular with two cyclists struggling in the [...]

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A Honeymoon Adventure Story

Patagonia Cycling

A Honeymoon Adventure Story Before the Family on a Bike became a family we were often on our bikes exploring the world. In 1999, after some 13 years together, we finally decided to get married and start a family. To celebrate the occasion , mark the start of our new old partnership and herald in the [...]

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