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The morning after Lands End to John O Groats

Family completes Lands End John O Groats Cycle Challenge

The morning after I awake with a headache, perhaps like a hangover at the end of a party. The tent is a peculiar shape, the wind pushing the guy ropes to their limits. I put on layer upon layer before even venturing to the toilet. The wind blows me back, but I walk on, out […]

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Young Groaters: Finishing LEJOG as a family

Kids complete Lands End to John O Groats Cycle Ride

Finishing LEJOG as a family It was a long time in the coming, but we made it. From the most south westerly point to the most north westerly point of the British mainland, from Lands End to John O Groats or LEJOG.  Now most people who do this become known as Old Groaters, but with […]

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Stumped but not out: Young Groaters

Family on North Coast of Scotland

Stumped but not out: Young Groaters It was another wild day and I felt grateful it was almost over. The wind was strong, gusting, but thankfully behind us. The sky, a patchwork of greys. The air, laced with drizzle. The road, damp; the occasional car speeding past, spraying fine mist on us on their way to the […]

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Cycling the Caithness Coast

Father and son cycling Caithness Coast Scotland

Cycling the Caithness Coast Today’s ride (Friday 31st August), our last riding day, took us from Thurso to John O Groats. Our mission was simple: Finish the Ride. And sign the Book of Old Groaters. The Caithness Coast Cycling from Lands End to John O Groats via a Northern route gives you the opportunity of […]

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Lost in Bettyhill

Bettyhill Viewpoint Scotland

Lost in Bettyhill Today’s ride was a Northern Scotland special, from Bettyhill to Thurso, continuing our journey along the Northern coast towards Caithness and John O Groats. It was yet another wet, wild day but at least the wind was on our back for the 48.75km of riding we did. Ready for the off A […]

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Bettered by Bettyhill?

John O Groats Sign on North Coast

Bettered by Bettyhill Today we took half a day off. So close to our destination yet still so far. This morning’s journey ended in Bettyhill at lunchtime, just a few kilometres further on from our startpoint, Tongue. We hadn’t intended to rest here, but the wind and rain and relentless hills were just too much. […]

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Wind, rain and midges on the Tongue

Wet and wild in the mists of Scotland

Wind, rain and midges on the Tongue Some days you just know you are not going to make it. Once you’re cold, tired, wet and hungry and all there is to eat is midges, you know it’s time to stop. When the boy gives you this look, it’s a big clue. Slow progress Today’s ride […]

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Tuesday 28th August

Today’s ride, Lairg to Tongue, a ride through the wilds of Sutherland to the North coast of Scotland, 64.3km

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Monday 27th August

The collegiate church at Tain Today’s ride, Tain to Lairg via Ardgay and Shin Falls, 51.8km

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Sunday 26th August

Making hay, near Tain Today’s ride, Kessock to wild camp near Tain, 65.2km

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