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Driving in Japan: Tips for a Family Road Trip

Japanese Road Trip

Driving in Japan: Tips for a Family Road Trip Taking a Japanese road trip is like taking a swim in a Mount Fuji Lake. You plunge in headfirst, gasping for air and paddling like a supersonic duck. But once you right yourself and start to swim, it can be a reflective, Zen-like experience, blessed with amazing […]

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Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon

Why do we explore

Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon  Why do we explore? What would a man who had been to the moon say to us ‘ordinary folk’ about exploring? Is it for everyone or is true adventure the province of elite athletes, professional adventurers and high end adventure companies?   Who has the desire to explore? “People […]

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Get Ready for Winter… the Icy Hand Cometh

Icicles on Winter Walk in Arnside

Get Ready for Winter.. the icy hand cometh Winter is coming. We know it, but how many of us prepare properly for it? Personally I just worry about it.  But if you get the family organised in advance you can carry on as normal through rain, wind and snow. Stuart and I have had over […]

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Talking Point: Racing Extinction

Baby and nature

Talking Point: Racing Extinction In the last couple of weeks, two very different film projects have jolted me with messages of hope and despair, and made me reassess some family habits for the first time in a rather long while. It’s good to know art can do that… for there is some serious work to be done. […]

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Talking Point: A Journey of Discovery Okinawa

Japanese prayer (Ema) at temple

Talking Point: Journey of Discovery in Okinawa Japan is many things to many people.  For us it was a luminous pink kitten on a pagoda roof and a manga character in an electric town. It was a tidal wave of people on a zebra crossing and a glitter covered dancing robot. And that was just […]

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Sticker on the Heart: Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove

Dolphin in captivity at Taiji Whale Museum

A Sticker on the Heart: Family Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove Would you ever take action for what you believe in? What if that action may have consequences? And your children are there to witness, or even join in? While on holiday in Japan this summer we watched ‘The Cove’, a documentary about the […]

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Tips on Planning a Visit to Rio Carnival by Santa Rosa OLD SKOOL

Tips on Planning a Visit to Rio Carnival The World Cup may be over but Brazil is still a hot destination. And it gets even hotter as Rio starts preparing for Carnival. This long standing party in Brazil’s second city is one of the biggest and most vibrant spectacles on the planet. But how do […]

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All aboard… getting kids on board with travel plans

The UK Our Way Parkdean Holidays

All aboard… getting kids on board with travel plans Have you ever tried to take a tween or teen on a day out they haven’t bought into? Uphill battle or what? If you are a savvy parent you’ll know it helps to get them involved and make sure their needs are addressed as well as […]

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What floats your boat? Are you a water baby?

Family Sailing

What floats your boat? Are you a water baby? I’m not. Not naturally anyway. Yet some of the best moments of my life have come from my kids enjoying messing about on the water. In this post, brought to you in association with Look Insurance, I’ve been thinking about’ ‘What floats my boat?‘ and how the […]

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Who wants to be a Millionnaire?

IHG Rewards Club Points Millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionnaire? Fancy being a millionaire for a summer? We do. And in a collaboration with the InterContinental Hotels Group we are going to be. Kind of. Just not the money kind. But it does mean we will be sleeping on fresh pillows in some exciting IHG hotels as part of […]

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