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Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon

Why do we explore

Why Do We Explore? Reach For Your Moon  Why do we explore? What would a man who had been to the moon say to us ‘ordinary folk’ about exploring? Is it for everyone or is true adventure the province of elite athletes, professional adventurers and high end adventure companies?   Who has the desire to explore? “People […]

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Talking Point: Racing Extinction

Baby and nature

Talking Point: Racing Extinction In the last couple of weeks, two very different film projects have jolted me with messages of hope and despair, and made me reassess some family habits for the first time in a rather long while. It’s good to know art can do that… for there is some serious work to be done. […]

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Talking Point: A Journey of Discovery Okinawa

Japanese prayer (Ema) at temple

Talking Point: Journey of Discovery in Okinawa Japan is many things to many people.  For us it was a luminous pink kitten on a pagoda roof and a manga character in an electric town. It was a tidal wave of people on a zebra crossing and a glitter covered dancing robot. And that was just […]

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Who wants to be a Millionnaire?

IHG Rewards Club Points Millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionnaire? Fancy being a millionaire for a summer? We do. And in a collaboration with the InterContinental Hotels Group we are going to be. Kind of. Just not the money kind. But it does mean we will be sleeping on fresh pillows in some exciting IHG hotels as part of […]

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How does technology affect relationships?

I wish I was lonely: How does technology affect relationships? Do you ever get lonely? I mean properly lonely? Or do you fill even the tiniest space in your crammed life with a tweet, text or a selfie? And do you ever worry about the long term impact of this on you or your children? […]

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What do you do when stuck in a lift with the kids?

Boys make a human tower

What do you do when stuck in a lift with the kids? Have you ever been stuck in a lift. With your kids? You know like all of them? Is it your idea of heaven or hell? I’d never considered the idea. Until it happened to me. And then, with time on my hands and […]

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Learning how to be brave: a lesson for parents & kids

Jumping off Savin Kuk in the mountains of Montenegro

Learning how to be brave Do you trust your kids? With their own life? Really? It’s harder than it sounds. I thought I was a relaxed Mum when it came to adventure. But when my daughter started to risk assess for herself, I panicked. A seven year old girl was surely too young to make […]

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… or does it?

Life is not the biggest adventure

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… or does it? Are you the kind of person that finds even the idea of adventure a little too adventurous? Is your rut too comfortable to dig yourself out of, even if you could be bothered to find a spade? Then you’ll love these ideas for […]

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On a scooter blowing a hooter… a gift of music

Hannah playing tenor horn at piano

On  a scooter blowing a hooter.. a gift of music It’s the little moments that you remember forever, isn’t it? Not the parties, despite the generous hosts and the seemingly limitless drinking and talking. Not the presents, despite the bows and curls and printed kittens in bobble hats. Not the food, despite the gold and […]

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Wild Swimming in Crno Jezero, Montenegro

Wild Swimming in Crno Jezero, Montenegro “Adventure is always calling. The question is do you listen?” I saw this quote on an advert outside an adventure company in Zabljak, Montenegro as we walked down to explore Black Lake in the Durmitor National Park. I like to think I listen, at least sometimes, and hope I […]

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