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How to have an adventure every day

How to have an adventure every day Is the endless domestic treadmill turning you into a robot? Ever felt like sweeping the washing straight from the tumble dryer into the bin? Have you forgotten how to have an adventure? Do you find yourself rolling through life in a rather unpleasant comfort bubble? Then STOP! There [...]

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Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… or does it?

Life is not the biggest adventure

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone… or does it? Are you the kind of person that finds even the idea of adventure a little too adventurous? Is your rut too comfortable to dig yourself out of, even if you could be bothered to find a spade? Then you’ll love these ideas for [...]

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14 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures

Microadventure Ideas

14 Inspiring Ideas for Micro Adventures Adventure isn’t all about exploring uncharted territories in far away locations. You can have just as much fun doing something new, different or challenging at home. Some of our best mini-adventures have been close to home, in the UK and Europe. You see adventure is not about a particular [...]

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Adventure Kids. How do you grow an adventurer?

Juvenis Exploratis Seeds of Young Adventurers

Adventure Kids. How do you grow an Adventurer? At a recent Night of Adventure, Kirstie and I stood in front of an audience of several hundred hard core adventurers, you know the kind that have cycled around the world or rowed across the Atlantic. As part of the entertainment we were given six minutes to [...]

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Five ways to give nature a look-in in family life

Girl by Waterfall in Iceland

Meet the New Marketing Director of Nature The feature length documentary “Project Wild Thing” launched recently in indie cinemas around the UK. In the film, director David Bond self appoints himself Marketing Director of Nature, a challenging job in which he sets out to sell nature and the outdoors, to persuade his own kids and [...]

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Al Humphreys & Solstice Microadventure Secrets

Terra Nova Jupiter Bivy on fell

Alastair Humphreys & the Not so Secret Solstice Microadventurers Have you heard of the 5 – 9ers? A secret society of ordinary people doing a rather unusual thing. They leave work at 5 to head for the hills, a forest, riverside or mountain top. Armed with snacks, a bivy bag and sleeping bag, and for [...]

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Talking point: Will you please turn out the light?

Samoa Moon

Talking point: Will someone please turn out the light I am sitting at my desk, in the dark, wearing a headtorch, typing this post with the lights out. Why? Because the lightbulb in the office has blown. It’s been three months now and I still haven’t got around to changing it. Isn’t that a bit [...]

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The spirit of adventure in a jam bagel

Jam Marmalade Bagel

The spirit of adventure in a jam bagel Kirstie is out early and Cameron rushes off to school leaving Hannah and I alone in the kitchen. We are about to have breakfast together until I discover there’s no marmalade left. Normally I wouldn’t throw a tantrum, I’d just have butter. But not on a toasted [...]

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Talking Point 19: Fishing for experiences

Fishing Eskifjordur

Talking Point 19: Fishing for experiences I’m fortunate (or is it unfortunate) enough to have never had to fish for my supper. I’ve never had to bait up a line, cast off, reel in or gut a fish. I’ve never really driven a motor boat either. So perhaps it was a little foolish of us [...]

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Talking Point 12: Ordinary People Extraordinary Things

Holding up a Rainbow

Talking Point 12: Ordinary People doing Extraordinary Things Everyday, ordinary people do the most extraordinary and inspiring things.  This week I stumbled across the story of Juliana Buhring, a 32 year old woman who has just become the fastest woman to cycle around the world. There are many interesting things about her story, her background and [...]

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