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Heart of the Lakes: Heart Shaped Travel Experiment

Coniston from East Shore Road in Autumn

Heart of the Lakes: An Experiment in Heart Shaped Travel How do you like to journey? Are you a planner? A dreamer? A dictator? Have you ever given creative control of your trip to someone or someTHING else? We recently put a cycle tour in the hands of an app and set out on a mission […]

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Taking a Family Wine Tour Catalonian Style

Fermentation Tank at Eudald Massana Noya Winery, Costa Barcelona

Family Wine tours in Catalonia Do you love wine? Of course you do. Have you ever considered taking the family on a wine tour? Of course you haven’t. Well then let me introduce you to the wineries of Catalonia where you and the kids can hike, bike, paint, nordic walk and learn about wine production […]

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Get Ready for Winter… the Icy Hand Cometh

Icicles on Winter Walk in Arnside

Get Ready for Winter.. the icy hand cometh Winter is coming. We know it, but how many of us prepare properly for it? Personally I just worry about it.  But if you get the family organised in advance you can carry on as normal through rain, wind and snow. Stuart and I have had over […]

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Talking Point: Racing Extinction

Baby and nature

Talking Point: Racing Extinction In the last couple of weeks, two very different film projects have jolted me with messages of hope and despair, and made me reassess some family habits for the first time in a rather long while. It’s good to know art can do that… for there is some serious work to be done. […]

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Sticker on the Heart: Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove

Dolphin in captivity at Taiji Whale Museum

A Sticker on the Heart: Family Taiji Dolphin Protest at The Cove Would you ever take action for what you believe in? What if that action may have consequences? And your children are there to witness, or even join in? While on holiday in Japan this summer we watched ‘The Cove’, a documentary about the […]

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Formula One Cycling at Yas Marina Circuit

Yas Marina Formula 1 Track Abu Dhabi

Formula One Cycling at Yas Marina Circuit Have you ever dreamed of racing on a Formula One circuit? On a ladies shopper bike? No? Me neither. In my dreams I have always been Ferrari badged, dressed in racing red, squeezed into a carbon fibre cockpit. In my dreams. But that’s not how it is today. No, […]

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Kidzania Dubai – Who do You Want to Be Today?

Kids at Work, Kidzania Dubai

KidZania Dubai – Who do You Want to Be Today? What would you like your children to be when they grow up? Or more to the point what do they want to be? A family attraction is providing careers advice in a unique and engaging way. At KidZania your children can try on different career […]

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25 Family Friendly Reasons to Visit Dubai

Dubai Cool for Families 2

25 Family Friendly Reasons to Visit Dubai Have you ever considered a holiday in Dubai but not sure it’s for you? We felt like that. As a family who prefers adventure and the outdoors to city breaks and attractions, we wondered if we’d find enough to do in this modern urban environment. But we stopped […]

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7 Nature Inspired Day Trips from Barcelona

Cycling on the Delta Llobjegat, Costa Barcelona

7 Nature Inspired Day Trips from Barcelona Looking for a city break with a gateway into the countryside? Then bag yourself some cheap flights to Barcelona. While the city itself is one of the busiest in Europe, it’s just a short hop to the Costa Barcelona, a green province with a wide network of nature […]

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How does technology affect relationships?

I wish I was lonely: How does technology affect relationships? Do you ever get lonely? I mean properly lonely? Or do you fill even the tiniest space in your crammed life with a tweet, text or a selfie? And do you ever worry about the long term impact of this on you or your children? […]

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