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Bike, bus, boot or banger: 4 great ways to see Berlin

Bus at Brandenburg Gate Berlin

Bike, bus, boot or banger: 4 great ways to see Berlin For me, one of the joys of a city break is ditching the car. And in Europe, where parking charges can be astronomical, and traffic terrifying, I wouldn’t dream of taking my own vehicle. While doing without a car can feel like you’ve lost an arm […]

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Propeller Island: Not a hotel, an art exhibition

Propeller Island City Lodge Berlin

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin isn’t your normal hotel. It doesn’t always have staff, or indeed guests, it doesn’t promote itself and you can’t book online. But it does have coffins, and cages and upside down rooms. You see it’s not really a hotel at all; it’s a work of art, a living installation, a temporary exhibition space. And you can […]

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Trabi Safari: the Berlin Wall Ride in a Trabant

Zebra Striped Trabant

A Trabi Safari in Berlin One of the quirkier ways we saw Berlin on our recent Expedia Blogger Shaped Berlin weekend was by taking a Trabi Safari. Trabant cars (or Trabis as they are fondly known) were the most common cars in the East while the Berlin wall separated East from West. Waiting lists were […]

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Berlin Cabaret: Loft at the Chamaleon Theatre

The LOFT Enemble by 7 Fingers Photo by Andy Phillipson

 Berlin Cabaret: Loft at the Chamaleon Theatre Berlin has been called the Capital of Cabaret and a top priority of our Expedia Blogger Shaped Travel trip was to take in a live show. But even as we picked up the tickets, we had no idea how much we’d be drawn into the spectacle of the […]

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Looking for the Brothers Grimm in Berlin

Marchenhutte Berlin Wilhelm Hutte

Not so Grimm in Berlin There can be few children or adults that haven’t heard the words of the Grimm Brothers or come across one of their archetypal characters wither in books or real life. After all, who  hasn’t met an ‘evil stepmother’ and we’re all very  familiar with the plight of a lonely Princess. […]

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Talking Point 17: Do something fun for free

Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Talking Point: The everyday attraction On our weekend in Berlin we did many things. Some cost money. Some were for free. So where did we have the most fun? What was our favourite activity? You might be surprised. It kind of caught us by surprise as we wandered the vast glassy complex of Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof, […]

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Samsung’s Life’s a photo Berlin challenge

The Wall Panorama by Asisi Berlin

Samsung’s Life’s a photo Berlin challenge Is it possible to photograph a historic city in a day? On our Fairy Tale trip to Germany I joined forty nine other euro bloggers to see if we could take and share a snapshot of Berlin, said to be one of Europe’s most photogenic cities. With temperatures reaching minus […]

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Once upon a time in Berlin: Berlin stories

Once upon a time in Berlin: Berlin stories All childhoods begin with a story and this weekend we are taking our children to the place where fairytales began. On the 200th anniversary of the publication of the first Grimm Brothers collection, we’ll be trying to make sense of their home city. But the story of Berlin […]

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