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Heart of the Lakes: Heart Shaped Travel Experiment

Coniston from East Shore Road in Autumn

Heart of the Lakes: An Experiment in Heart Shaped Travel How do you like to journey? Are you a planner? A dreamer? A dictator? Have you ever given creative control of your trip to someone or someTHING else? We recently put a cycle tour in the hands of an app and set out on a mission […]

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Night at the Museum Sleepover at Blackwell

Looking down into the main hall at Blackwell

Night at the Museum Sleepover at Blackwell Ever spent the night at a museum? One of the goals of our family sleepover season was to camp out at a historic site. The opportunity presented itself when Lake District Arts and Crafts house Blackwell opened its doors at night for the first time. And we became […]

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Al Humphreys & Solstice Microadventure Secrets

Terra Nova Jupiter Bivy on fell

Alastair Humphreys & the Not so Secret Solstice Microadventurers Have you heard of the 5 – 9ers? A secret society of ordinary people doing a rather unusual thing. They leave work at 5 to head for the hills, a forest, riverside or mountain top. Armed with snacks, a bivy bag and sleeping bag, and for […]

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Morecambe Sandcastle Festival.. all you need is love

Morecambe Sandcastle Festival

Morecambe Sandcastle Festival I always thought the main ingredient of a sandcastle was sand. In fact I thought it that was pretty much the only ingredient. Ah, but that’s where I’ve been going wrong. Today we learnt how to do it properly, at a sandcastle workshop, on the beach at the Morecambe Sandcastle Festival, and love […]

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Lake District Tobogganing in Bivvi Bag Style

Toboganning in a survival bag

Lake District Tobogganing in Bivvi Bag Style Unable to get away during Easter, and tired of the kids niggling each other at home, we take off into the hills around Haweswater in the Eastern Lake District. We plan nothing more than a short hike to a tarn. But then we stumble across some snow, build […]

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Talking Point 16: Getting family adventure motivation

Keswick Chip Shop

Talking Point: Getting family motivation to adventure The final leg of our winter walk across The Lake District takes us from Thirlmere to Keswick, via an ancient stone circle. And as we eat our celebration fish and chips, we reflect on the power of a challenge to generate family motivation and keep us all going, whatever […]

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Sculpted by nature or by man? At Thirlmere

Walking down to Thirlmere Cumbria

Sculpted by nature or shaped by man? Day 6 of our winter walk across The Lake District takes us from the wilds of Dunmail Raise on a route that traces the eastern line of Thirlmere. And while everything here looks natural and beautiful, looks can be deceptive and everything is not necessarily what it seems. Which […]

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Grasmere walk: A walk to the wild side

Leaving Grasmere heading for Dunmail Raise

Grasmere walk: A walk to the wild side Day 5 of our winter walk across The Lake District and we find ourselves leaving behind the towns and villages to walk into a wilder place. A mile or so beyond Grasmere, we cross a fell gate and enter another Lake District. This place looks different, feels different […]

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A Walk Back in Time, through Lake District history

Coffin Stop, Coffin Route, Rydal

Rydal to Grasmere: A walk through Lake District history We know we are in Central Lakeland when our winter walk across The Lake District veers into another age and becomes a walk through Lake District history. While on the inside hotel decor and restaurant menus might have moved with the times, on the outside the landscape […]

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Walking in the footsteps of Poets: Rydal Hall Walk

Doras Field Rydal Cumbria

Walking in the Footsteps of Poets To walk in the footsteps of the poets, you don’t have to do a marathon. Not if you come to Cumbria. A toddler could comfortably tackle this part of  our winter walk across The Central Lakes; stomping through the haunts of Wordsworth and his missus, and playing hide and […]

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