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Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival 2013

Reykjavik Children's Culture Festival

Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival 2013 What’s your view on culture for kids? A waste of time? A developmental priority? A welcome distraction from online gaming? In Iceland, it’s highly valued. So much so that they’ve hooked one of their annual city festivals onto it.  As the third Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival kicks off again this [...]

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One family, many different characters…

One family, many different characters… Welcome to Icelandair Hotels In a decade of travelling the world with our kids, we have stayed in some interesting hotels. We’ll never forget the Latvian establishment made entirely out of chipboard, or the working hospital on top of a former nuclear bunker. They were quite basic and quite mad. [...]

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Whale watching or whale eating in Iceland?

Whale watching or whale eating in Iceland? While in Reykjavik we had the privilege of joining a Special Tours Whale Watching trip. Whale watching is said to be a ‘must do’ tourist activity in Iceland, but then so too is sampling whale cuisine, which of course requires whale hunting, a long standing if controversial part of [...]

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Does a happiness revolution sound like this?

Is this the sound of a happiness revolution? After making music with carrots, I figure I should be able to cope with an Icelandic Happiness Workshop for families. Not that I feel I need it, I don’t feel unhappy, but I am curious; why is happiness is on the festival agenda and what exactly will [...]

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8 things that make Iceland sooo creative

What makes Icelanders so creative? It’s perhaps an understatement to say that Icelanders are a quirky nation. But what makes them so eccentric? What shapes Iceland’s creative culture? Is it the weird daylight hours they keep, or the amount of space they have to play in? Do they take creative energy from the volcanos that [...]

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Family music making music with a carrot….

Making music with a carrot… With a contemporary Icelandic music group What is music anyway? It’s not a question I expected to be asking myself at a children’s music concert. But Iceland is a land full of the unexpected and, as we were warned on the plane here, things here can be a little different [...]

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Letting go of the reins…Icelandic horse riding

Icelandic Horse Riding at Laxnes Horse Farm If you want to split up a family, then take them Icelandic horse riding! Keen to get a taste of Iceland beyond Reykjavik and the Children’s Festival we headed out for the morning to Laxnes Horse Farm to try a little Icelandic horse riding. Now I knew we’d [...]

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Culture & happiness at Reykjavik Festival of Children & Culture

When we set out to visit the Reykjavik Children’s Cultural Festival we knew relatively little about Iceland, Icelandic culture or language. We couldn’t make much sense of the early Icelandic versions of the  programme and didn’t know if we’d understand anything that was going on. But it turns out you don’t need to; for visitors [...]

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Not your usual Golden Circle Iceland Tour

As part of our week in Reykjavik at the Children and Culture festival, we felt we should explore a little of the natural wonders beyond the city to understand a little more of this place. After all, they say culture is shaped by environment as well as people. So we booked ourselves onto the classic [...]

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Iceland: First Impressions & Blue Lagoon Iceland

Arriving in Iceland Our Children’s Culture week in Reykjavik begins like most people’s holidays begin; on a plane. It’s a bit of shock to our system as we’re more used to rolling the bikes onto ferries and retiring to our cabins before sea sickness kicks in. But as we step onto the Icelandair flight, we realise this [...]

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