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I don’t do Disney, but Tinkerbell is different

Mouse Bride Disney World Orlando

I don’t normally do Disney, but Tinkerbell is different  You can’t do Florida without doing Disney. How many times had people told me that? So, despite my conviction that Disney wasn’t for me, I agreed to spend a day in one of world’s most popular theme  parks to see if might  experience the magic… “No […]

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Antarctica Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Preview

SeaWorld Orlando Antarctica Experience

Antarctica Empire of the Penguin SeaWorld Preview Antartica is about to get much more accessible. The biggest ever extension to Florida’s SeaWorld is due to open May 2013 and will introduce visitors to The Empire of the Penguin. While in Orlando recently SeaWorld took us behind the scenes to preview their new Antarctica Empire of the Penguin […]

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Behind the scenes with Legoland Master Builders

Master Builder Legoland Florida

Behind the scenes with Legoland Master Builders Who do you imagine builds Legoland? Kids in third world sweatshops working to blueprints drawn up in the Billund headquarters? Nope. Bespectacled professors of plastic? Wrong again. It isn’t a line of people in a grim northern factory, robotically slotting heads onto Ewoks while counting the minutes till […]

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I went to Gatorland Orlando – so bite me

White Alligator Gatorland Orlando Florida

Orlando’s Gatorland doesn’t have cute furry animals or spectacular rides. It doesn’t have ‘cast members’ or ‘model citizens’ to wish you a good day. Its signs look homemade and frankly, they’re a bit un-P.C. It brings you up close to some of the kings of the wild, and then serves you deep friend chunks of […]

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I really can fly.. iFly Orlando Indoor Skydiving

iFly Orlando

I spent most of my visit to Orlando either upside down or flying backwards. I might not have been able to get to the Kennedy Space Centre but I did fly around Hogwarts, above a Miniature USA, over an alligator swamp and had slime flying at me. However, no ride, zip wire or even broomstick […]

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Surviving the sliming at the Nick Hotel Orlando

Slime Time Nick Hotel

Do you love or hate theme hotels?  I’m on the fence, so wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Orlando’s Nickelodeon Hotel. As colorful as a graffiti artist’s palette, and with a guest list of larger than life cartoon characters, spending a night there is a bit like stepping into the TV channel itself. It wouldn’t […]

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