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That’s the problem with the wireless generation

What is it with technology? At the same time as it connects us it disconnects us. On our recent Titanic themed tour of Belfast we took in a production of The Wireless Room by the Wireless Mystery Theatre which got me thinking about two different wireless generations. The one in the play. And the one […]

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Inside ‘The Berg’ – Titanic Belfast Attraction

There’s a new kid on the block in Belfast. You can’t miss it if you wander into the docklands area known as the Titanic Quarter; it dominates the land and seascape with its stark height and design, and its surface pushes the sunlight back into the sky. But what is it? And is it worth […]

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10 lessons from a sinking ship

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic; the luxury ship that hit an iceberg shortly before midnight on 14th April 1912. By 2.20am (ship’s time) on 15th April she was gone. As our Titanic season continues, on the anniversary of that evening of disaster, published to mark the time that she […]

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Titanic Hits Iceberg – Marking the Moment

Titanic Hits Iceberg – Marking the Moment The Titanic Anniversary  Titanic. Even the name is big. Ship of the Titans. A mighty vessel crammed with fine china, polished silver and crystal clear dreams. At the time she set sail from Southampton she was the largest moving object on the globe; one of the wonders of […]

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She was alright leaving here! Lagan Boat tour

Titanic Boat tour in Belfast Our second day in Belfast kicks off with a cruise. It’s not a Titanic sized cruise, the Mona’s a pretty little boat decorated in colourful bunting, but it is Titanic themed. Once branded the Lagan Boat cruises, the tours only really grabbed the public imagination when they were relaunched with […]

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Kids Make Merseyside Maritime Museum Headlines

Titanic at Merseyside Maritime Museum As one of the shipping hubs of Britain in the last century or so, and home of the mighty Cunard, Liverpool has many connections with Titanic. As the 100th anniversary nears, scouser memories, memorabilia and moments on the disaster are brought together in the Merseyside Maritime Museum. It is a […]

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Watching Titanic: more a steerage sort of family

Watching Titanic: more a steerage sort of family When I first saw the movie Titanic I thought it was just a tragic love story, but fifteen years on, watching it with the kids as part of our Titanic tour, I’m shocked at the kids reaction and troubled by mine. A night to remember We tread carpeted […]

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Tales from Titanic Cities: Titanic Belfast & Liverpool

Tales of Titanic Belfast & Liverpool After our last excursion exploring Legoland and the world of Harry Potter I was tickled by this Lego Titanic scene.  Of course it’s topical right now, exactly 100 years after the luxury liner launched and sank. And being a bandwagon sort of family, of course we’re jumping on it. […]

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