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Magic behind the Magic: Harry Potter Studio Tour

Magic behind magic: Harry Potter Studio Tour Never before has a children’s story managed to combine real life and magic to such a spellbinding effect. And so it is with the latest UK Harry Potter franchise. The all new Warner Bros. Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour attraction puts you right in the centre of […]

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Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

If you’re a Star Wars fan or live with one, either human or droid, you’ve probably already come across Star Wars Lego or Lego Star Wars games, but Legoland Windsor have just taken it all to a new level with their Star Wars Miniland experience. It opened the same week as the new Legoland Hotel┬áso […]

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Building bricks for happy family adventures? Legoland Windsor Hotel

If you like Lego, you’ll be in heaven in the Legoland Windsor Hotel. It not only looks like it’s built of Lego, it’s full of it. And what kid doesn’t like Lego? The saying goes if the children are happy then the parents will be too, but is it true? As part of our Twin […]

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A Twin Theme Park Adventure

A Twin Theme Park Adventure In our family there’s a well established tradition that if you cycle at least 1500 kilometres without complaining, you’ll be rewarded with a day out to a theme park. (Ok, I admit there may be some low level grumbling from everyone including myself, but no one has ever seriously demanded […]

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