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What’s the best age for Disney?

Disneyland Paris

Never too old for Disney? Is there a best age for Disney? It’s a year since we met Mickey Mouse in Florida. My son pointed this out recently. Which is unusual because anniversaries aren’t particularly relevant to an 11 year old. But I had also been thinking it myself, and wishing I could turn the […]

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Campsite Bivvy & Bivvy Bag Review

Campsite Bivvy Microadventure & Bivvy Bag Review Have you ever camped without a tent? At a campsite? It’s a strange experience as we recently found out. But it did give us a chance to test out different styles of bivvy bags in a controlled environment. In this post, part of our sleepover season of posts […]

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31 gift ideas to encourage kids to get out and adventure

31 adventure gift ideas to encourage kids outdoors Christmas. A time for mooching around toy departments in search of a family board game everyone will agree to play without a declaration of war. A time for buying e-gizmos that encourage kids to talk to you less and stay in their bedrooms more. A time for […]

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Who pays the ferryman pays the price

A large black 4WD with tinted windows pulls over and a cool Austrian Crocodile Dundee lookalike hangs out of the window, waving at us. “Are you heading for the ferry?” he asks, first in German, then in English. 10 minutes before, we had no intention of taking a ferry but in a moment of haste, […]

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Distinctly unblue Danube

“If that’s the Danube,”‘ said Cameron staring up at the ‘Donau’ sign that I assumed  was confusing him,”then why isn’t it blue?” I have to admit the muddy swirling water beneath was not exactly the sparkling blue river of my dreams either. It seemed everyone was a little disappointed. “Is that really the Danube?” asked Hannah, […]

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Recorder club on tour

The people on Ijmuiden beach did not know what to make of it. I’m not sure I knew what to make of it. But we had to start somewhere and had to start by playing sonething we all knew. We’d played ‘London’s Burning’ the week before in the school recorder club so at least everyone […]

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All mixed up in Passau

To say our host has eclectic tastes is an understatement. And she seems particularly partial to pictures. Assorted frames cover the walls. And the vents. And the lights. Even where there’s no place to hang something she’s hung something. Fairy lights dangle across coving, shells adorn mirrors, the ceiling has an array of chandeliers, plus […]

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Sharing family biking adventure secrets

Meghan from Bunchland in Toronto recently got in touch and asked if we’d share a little of our experience and help encourage Canadian families out on their bikes during Toronto’s 2011 Bike Month. We’re always happy to help out and spread the word and Meghan did a great job emailing us questions and pulling together a […]

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You just gotta believe it…

“How about we try cycling without your stabilisers?” I ask Hannah. She peers at me over the top of her glasses and looks at me like I’m mad. “I won’t need them when I’m SIX Dad,” she explains. That’s in six months time. But I know she’s ready now. Only it’s not me that needs […]

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A right royal scarecrow

Unsurprisingly there are a range of William and Kate’s at this years Scarecrow Festival in Wray. Silent, stuffed and shuddering in the slight breeze, they begin their freshly married lives in their second hand wedding dresses and outdated morning suits. Some view the world through button eyes, others smile royally through paper mouths of home […]

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