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A Monday Morning Feeling at O Cebreiro

Heights of O Cebreiro, Camino de Santiago
Written by Stuart Wickes

A Monday Morning Feeling at O Cebreiro

Stuart Profile SmallWe wake seemingly on top of the world this morning. We are some 1,350m above sea level, at the Heights of O Cebreiro. This place is the scene of the miracle of O Cebreiro, a strange tale which reflects the changeable weather here.

The miracle of O Cebreiro

The story goes that one mid winter a priest was celebrating Mass in the little church in the village. During the mass a peasant arrived from a nearby village having fought his way through a snowstorm to reach the top of the mountain to attend Mass. He arrived just as the priest was performing the consecration – the bit where the bread and wine are blessed and transformed into the body and blood of Jesus.  When the peasant arrived the priest chastised him for struggling through the storm and ridiculed him for coming all that way to witness the non-existent miracle of the consecration, at which point the bread and wine on the altar were literally transformed into flesh and blood in what became known as the Eucharistic miracle of O Cebreiro.

Candlelight in Church at O Cebreiro, Camino de Santiago

Candlelight in Church at O Cebreiro, Camino de Santiago

Monday’s don’t get better than this

Anyway, it’s not snowing today, but it is wet and wild. But we don’t care. It’s Monday morning and there’s a weeks work to be done, cycling on to Santiago. It does not matter about the wind and the mist. This is our work, at least for now. Monday morning’s don’t get much better.

Hope you have a good week.

In the mist at the Heights of O Cebreriro, Camino de Santiago

In the mist at the Heights of O Cebreiro, Camino de Santiago

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