Biking Camino de Santiago Spain

Paper Pilgrims

Paper Pilgrims
Written by Stuart Wickes

Paper pilgrims

Stuart Profile SmallAfter so many hard miles we seem to have relaxed into the last 100 km. Not that the riding is any easier but perhaps it is that after a week of thinking we were nearly there, we are really nearly there.

Cycling on a tandem

We are so nearly there… or so we’ve been telling ourselves

Close enough to touch

Truth be told we could be there tonight if we just put our heads down and ride, ride, ride. Like that’s ever going to happen.

Paper Pilgrims

We even had time to stop and make paper pilgrims

We are like paper pilgrims

I feel like the paper pilgrims we made at the fountain in Arzua. Passing the time of day we ripped pages from our notebooks, folded them into paper pilgrim people, and floated them on the town fountain. They looked as if they would float effortlessly into Santiago.

Paper Pilgrims

The paper pilgrims actually didn’t work out that well

But life’s not like that

Of course reality will not be like that. Unless we have already died and gone to heaven. Cameron was quick to prove that, recovering the little people and squishing them into a soggy ball of papier mache mess. Strangely, we could all relate to that too.

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