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The storm before the calm

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Looking forward too the moment when all this is packed and we’re ready to go

Everything’s gone crazy: tandems in the yard, trailers in the living room, panniers on the breakfast table. Clothes, sleeping bags, tents, toiletries, toys, tools, torches, tickets, plasters, ponchos, passports, locks and keys, maps, guide books, cameras, credit cards, kitchen, and more. Everything you need (or think you need) to take a family of five on the road for seven weeks. All waiting to be packed. It just all seems so complex. So many things and all got to fit into those panniers. There will have to be some culling – of things not people!

Right now it all seems so crazy and complicated. So much to think about and remember.  And that’s just the packing. Then there’s the other list: money to get, hostels to book, campsites to research, library books to go back, house to clean, mp3’s to load, phones to charge, washing to do, teachers to thank, kids to bath……. Too much. TOO MUCH. And what for? What could possibly be worth this living nightmare?

Answer? The simplicity that follows. For once it’s all packed and loaded things life on the road is pure and simple. Eating, drinking, camping and pedalling, laughing, living and learning as family on a romp across Europe. It’s the certain knowledge of that that will get us through to lift off in just 47 hours.

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