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Every Summer has a Story to Print

Canvas Photos on wall
Written by Kirstie

Every Summer has a Story to Print

Kirstie Profile SmallAre you back from your summer holiday and facing school and work? Is the sea or mountain air feeling like a lifetime away? If you are having trouble remembering those bonding moments and what it was like to be a family, you might need a little help. Happily the photographic product company Bonusprint believes ‘every summer has a story’ and can help you recapture yours and keep it forever. We’ve partnered with Bonusprint to bring you this #proudtoprint story…. 

Don’t let summer languish in your phone

How many photographs do you take while you are on holiday? And how many sit on your phone until the end of time or until they are deleted to make space for the Christmas family photos? If you are a regular, busy family your summer photos are probably filed under ‘last summer’, never to be seen again. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Your photos can be a daily source of inspiration.

Travel memories are all around our house but it's the photos that are the daily inspiration

Travel memories are all around our house but photos provide daily inspiration

Remember your summer story

Years ago we decided to print up one image a year from our travels. We usually do this at the end of the year when the sunlight almost hurts our eyes. As I’m not big on redecorating, I’m confident these prints will stay on the wall for many years, if not for ever. They are a lasting reminder to make time for family and seek out opportunities for fun together in the school holidays. They are also a reminder of how much everyone has grown.

Bonusprint believes every summer has at least one story that should be captured and displayed in the home as a print or wall art, a sizeable, visible and lasting reminder of the kids at the age they are now, with all their personalities and quirks.

Instagram on an iPhone

Don’t let great photos languish on your phone..

Our best #proudtoprint moment

So why put your kids on the wall in the age of the smartphone and Instagram? Let me tell you about one of our #proudtoprint moments. Five years ago, when the kids were approximately half their height, we took a family photo on the beach near Amsterdam. We will never forget it as the wind whipped around our cheeks and the broken clam shells threatened our bare feet and I picked up Hannah and her dolly and we hugged for the camera. But it’s not because that particular moment was particularly emotional or it was an amazing beach. It’s because we relive that instant of togetherness ten times a day through the image on the wall of the breakfast room. It has also become special through people seeing it and asking about it. (It was the start of our cycling adventure from Amsterdam to Venice.) In short, it has become part of the canvas of our family history, woven tightly into legend.

A moment in time, captured on canvas as daily inspiration

A moment in time, captured on canvas as daily inspiration

Recreating the moment

Recently we went back with the children and tried to set up the same shot. It wasn’t an easy family selfie. For a start all the kids are now giants. Hannah weighs a ton and at ten years old doesn’t even possess a dolly, let alone the dolly from a trip a handful of years ago. And the clam shells seem to have got more vicious over time, sticking in our feel like splinters. But yet again the act of capturing that moment brought us together and when we print it up it will no doubt play its part in family history. (If you’d like some advice on how to best capture one of those summer moments then read this post on how to take smarter and more striking family snaps.)

Family Adventure Project Team at IJmuiden 2016

7 years later at IJmuiden. Do we look any different?

Review of our Print

Bonusprint invited us to try out a voucher to review their service. The ordering process was simple and only took a few minutes although it took us hours to choose the shot. There are lots of product options from canvas and acrylic wall prints to photo books, greetings cards, calendars and even mobile phone covers. For £80 (including shipping to our UK address) we opted to add a large canvas print to add to our inspiration wall and also ordered some personalised greetings cards. The canvas print is sharp and good quality and the cards are great too, with envelopes included. It all arrived promptly to the right address. If ordering a canvas print, remember to check carefully the safe zones as the production process does fold some of the print around the frame affecting what you can see on the finished print. Our print looks great on the wall. At 80 x60 cm it’s very imposing. In fact so big that Cameron’s head in the shot is bigger than his head in real life! Not that he minds.

Bonusprint Canvas on wall

Our Bonusprint large canvas – a memory from the Faroes

Why not print your summer story

You don’t have to choose a canvas print or even anything for your wall; there are loads of innovative products in the Bonusprint range including things like mobile phone holders. Why not go take a look and let us know what you’d print to tell your summer story. I just know my Mother and Mother in law will love the greetings cards. I may even do that Prime Minister thing and send them out as Christmas cards!

Bonusprint Greetings Cards

Our Bonusprint greetings cards ready to sign and send

Disclosure Note: This post is brought to you in a collaboration with Bonusprint who provided us with a voucher to review their service and paid us to design and run a Voucher Giveaway. The opinions expressed and photography are, as ever, entirely our own.

About the author


Kirstie is the Editor of The Family Adventure Project. A professional writer and poet, she's the creative and journalistic force behind many of the stories and features published here. She's a co-founder and co-director of The Family Adventure Project and also works as the #poetinmotion producing and performing poetry for print, video and live performance.


  • I’d print a photo from our summer holiday to Northern Cyprus, for my boyfriend! We celebrated our 4 year anniversary while we were out there, and I’d love to have that memory printed for him to treasure!

  • I like taking landscape pictures because I am a scenery lover. I would print a colourful picture from a recent trip to Madeira so as to capture lots of flowers with a coastal view

  • I’d print a photo of my daughter dressed as a Princess at Disney. She’d had a bad couple of years so the trip was a special treat and she looks so happy & excited in the picture 🙂

  • I would get a canvas print of an amazing view of the mountains in Alaska I took on holiday this year#proud to print. I am buying my first property so it will look great on the wall and will reming me of the trip as I won’t be able to afford any more holidays for a few years now!

  • I’d print a photo of the sea, so that I can look at it every day. I live about as far from the sea as you can get in the UK, and I miss it!

  • A tip for taking more unusual photos-try to take them from different angles other than just standing in front of subject.Try kneeling or lying to get a different perspective or go higherand look down on subject.#proudtoprint

  • I love capturing moments from our holidays – I have one shot on the beach in Whitstable, my daughter’s face is just shining with joy, the wind whipping her hair. I can’t help smiling whenever I see it and would love to look at it every day on my wall.

  • I would print a photo of my Daughters for my Nan. She doesn’t see them much as we moved away and I know she enjoys it when we come to visit.

  • Shoot from a low angle. The majority of iPhone photos are shot from the chest height of an adult. That may be convenient, but there are usually more creative options. You can easily improve your photos by finding a more interesting angle, and often the best way to do that is to simply shoot from a lower perspective. #proudtoprint

  • My tip is to practice relaxing as you take your camera out. Start breathing more deeply at that point, because once you’re into trying to take it, there’s more pressure to remain steady. Also, for photos where one can be used, get a tripod if you can!

  • I’d get a pic of my sons and my daughter on her wedding day for myself, not often I can get them all in the same photo!

  • I love taking photos when im on holidays. When taking a photo abroad you have to think about the use of light. Try to make sure the sun/light source is behind you.
    Taking pictures of landscapes early morning because the light is softer.
    If your taking a photograph of someone, make sure the light isn’t too bright as it will show up peoples ‘wrinkles/blemishes’ 😉

  • We have just recently had a family holiday to Greece that also involved a family wedding so would love to have a family print from some of them pictures maybe give one to the special couple

  • I would print a photo of my 4 year old just having fun in the great outdoors he is growing so quick an started school this week and it would be a lovely reminder of the summer he had before he started school

  • Look for good lighting and don’t put your subject dead center in the photo. I’d love to print either a family portrait or a photograph from when I lived in Japan.

  • Well suggestive post indeed, Kirstie Nice meeting you.

    Glad to hear about the service of BonusPrint. Great captured images from it. I highly agree with all the terms and conditions. It is seen that people are curious about to capture a favorable pics. In order to capture a perfect things we should have a good capturing qualities.

    I must say, capture a photo which looks amazing from any angle. Also capturing a photo in sunny may enhance the beauty of photo. I must print after capturing a photo which looks better than the other collection of images.

    – Ravi.

  • There are so many photos I would love to get printed! I’m always taking them and uploading a select few while the rest go largely unseen. I would like to make a statement display in my front hall of I won x

  • We went to Cornwall a few weeks ago and took some amazing photos. I would like a big photo for our living room to remind us of happy family times 🙂

  • #ProudToPrint I would print out a huge family portrait; my parents, their 4 daughters and husbands and 13 grandchildren – oh and my three dogs!

  • I would print a wonderful picture of the Manila city skyline at sunset, that i took myself and would love to have it in pride of place in my living room, so that everytime i would look at it, it would remind me of the fantastic time i spent there ? ??

  • Living in Cornwall i am lucky to snap lots of stunning scenery on my doorstep but the best times to take pictures are very early in the morning when we get the beautiful sunsets and the rainy mists (or Cornish Mizzles, as we call them here)

  • I would print a family photo for my parents, as we don’t have any recent family photos and I know they would love it 🙂

  • After months and months of getting my brothers to be in the same place at the same time, I have finally managed to get a photo of my kids and my neices and nephews all together, I would definitely use one of the pics we got #ProudToPrint

  • I have been complaining all year that I want to get pics printed! I am seriously fed up of taking great photos for them to be stored away on a usb or disk and forgotten. I loved looking through albums as a child.
    So it is my New Years Resolution for 2017 to get them printed as I take them.
    So it would be all my faves for everyone to see because well I should! 🙂

  • I would love to print our family summer holiday photos from Japan especially the stunning scenic pictures from Kamikochi which was just as beautiful as I remembered when I first visited there in my early twenties.

  • Angles. Always look for angles. Too many photos are taken straight on, subject centred. A different angled shot (higher, lower) or off setting the subject makes a far more interesting photo.

  • I took up photography in April, and a tip I would give from my own experience so far is that you have to get a good ‘feel’ for the subject in your gut. Do it when you feel inspired and inspiration will fire the passion that brings your photos alive.

  • I am proud to print a photo of my teenage daughter who chooses to spend holiday time in the uk with her family rather than with her huge group of friends

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