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Dreaming of a perfect year of adventure at World Travel Market

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All the sights, sounds and smells of world travel under one roof at WTM

Dreaming of a perfect year of adventure at World Travel Market

Imagine a day spent roaming the world without flight delays, airline food or jet lag. Imagine being able to walk from Africa to Arabia without getting sore feet. Imagine experiencing all the colour, cultures and cuisines of a round the world trip without feeling guilty about carbon emissions. No, I haven’t invented a time machine or a carbon free jet fuel; I’ve been exploring the 2011 World Travel Market in London.

Today has been a perfect day, spent dreaming up a perfect year of adventures for my family, spotting interesting and unusual family destinations, finding out about new trends in family adventure travel and checking out the ‘must see’ family attractions coming online in 2012.

Now I know there’s a recession on. And I know we can’t really afford to travel the world right now. And I know we’ve got school and work and family commitments. But I’m not going to let those stop me dreaming. You’ve got to have a dream, haven’t you? I mean if you can’t dream it how can you ever make it come true?

My Travel Dreams

So what are my WTM inspired travel dreams for 2012? Top of my list for February half term would be a trip to Florida. I think the kids would love getting up close with sea turtles and hanging out with otters at Seaworld. Although a close second would be some back to nature time in Iceland, exploring their wild landscape, swimming, walking dogs and exploring ice cream trails with Icelanders.

I love the slogan, the kids will love the dragon , Stuart would love the adventure

Biking wise I’ve got my eye on Croatia, Serbia and the relatively undiscovered gem of Montenegro, perhaps for an Easter tour. Although I’m also tempted by Slovenia who tell me 2012 is their year for green active outdoor family adventures. Now that sounds right up our street. And I love their slogan, ‘I feel Slovenia’

Beyond the London Olympics

Having escaped the urban bubble of London a few years ago, I’m surprised to find myself being drawn back by the idea of spending summer 2012 exploring its latest attractions. If you think the Olympics are going to be the be all and end all of London 2012, then it’s time to think again.

I thought London had lost it’s allure for me, but there’s a lot happening in London 2012

What family with school age kids wouldn’t want to check out The Making of Harry Potter, a behind the scenes walking tour near Watford launching next Spring? And with the kids busy studying the Victorians at school this term, I think it might be fun to take them to the big smoke for a Charles Dickens tour when his anniversary year arrives. And while we’re there perhaps we’ll take in a few palaces to commemorate The Queen’s special year as well. I might just get that past the kids if I promise a visit to see the new developments at Legoland Windsor. Who knows, maybe we could even bike around them all. It would make cycling mad Mayor Boris Johnson proud!

Now, must go find that book about making dreams come true.

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