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Wearing Adult Animal Onesies Outside

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Written by Kirstie Pelling

Wearing Animal Onesies Outside

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We start the week with a Talking Point dedicated to the adult onesie. That troubling, snuggling all in one bedtime outfit that breeds on the shelves of Primark at Christmas, and has now been reinvented in Cashmere by the grand dame of the high street; Marks and Spencer. Does it make you want to shudder with revulsion or curl up on the sofa feeling as smug and warm as a fluffy squirrel? Tell us your thoughts. Here’s mine….

Are Adult Animal Onesies in?

Let’s begin with a question. Is it ok to dress up as a giant fluffy wolf in the privacy of my own home? The kids say yes. Stuart says a very definite no. And a decision will have to be made soon. Because yes reader, I have a wolf onesie. I’m wearing it in a play this week. And after that performance, I’m going to have to decide whether I sit on the fence or plant my feet firmly on the ground when it comes to animal onesies. Does it go to the charity shop, or in a box in the attic, or does it come out to play after dark?

The onesie is cute. It’s fluffy, and it’s comforting. Even on stage. At bedtime it must be the ultimate security blanket. But here’s the thing. I am not ten years old. A wolf onesie is a serious bedtime statement for a woman approaching middle age. It could even be viewed as a midlife crisis.

Wolf Onesie making a cup of tea

Is it OK to go about everyday chores dressed like this?

But hey, it’s not just me

The success of the onesie is a legend in its own bedtime. Last year Asda retail group sold 900,000 of the fluffsters in the run up to Christmas and even John Lewis reported ‘astonishing sales figures’ One Direction made it acceptable to go out in one and a quick search of the internet pulls up several Daily Mail articles documenting the trend. One recent feature screams that eight of us in the UK now have an adult romper suit in the wardrobe.

The snuggle suits last year featured on Young Apprentice as part of a camping sales task, and even Nick Clegg and Boris Johnson’s revelations that they own one did nothing to dent sales.

Wolf Onesie spotted out running

Wolf  out exerising. Surely I’ll blend in like this…

The wildlife onesie was the wild card in the pack, but even that has now gone mainstream. The Kigu was an import that really took off last year with celebrities like Florence Welsh and Daisy Lowe sporting them without embarrassment. (The trend began as kigurumi-animal wear for Japanese performers before its takeover by fashion followers as streetwear/sleepwear.)

The other day, I caught my kids watching the new Gangnam Style novelty hit; What Does The Fox Say? And what is the outfit of choice for the Europop songsters in the video for the song? Dog, chicken and elephant onesies. Oh lordy.

A real world trend?

And now Marks and Spencer are bringing out a cashmere version for Christmas. At just short of £200, the onesie has now fallen into the bracket of a luxury item. Who would have predicted that?

Pop stars may look perfectly at home them. But what about real adults in the grown up world? I always feel vaguely disturbed when I call at a friend’s house and her husband is dressed as a giant monkey. It’s the tail that makes me shiver. Sixty year old accountants should not sport monkey tails in company. Should they? And now I have a tail of my own. Hmmm

Wolf Onesie goes shopping

What about going public? Driving? Shopping? Is that OK?

Is it for you?

So how do you stand on the trend?  Is the adult onesie doing wildlife a favour by promoting its inherent cuteness or is it infantilizing us all while making tigers and foxes look like overgrown babies? You decide. And if you want to borrow my wolf onesie to help you come to your conclusion then you can. It’ll be free in a few weeks time. Probably.

Sleeping in an animal Onesie

Sunday afternoon nap…  please no pulling my tail while I snooze.

Talking point:

Adult animal onesies, tame and and fluffy or deeply disturbing? What’s your view? Should I wear mine or bin it with the chicken bones from Sunday lunch?

Wolf Onesie in the trees

Somehow this feels more appropriate?


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Kirstie Pelling

Kirstie is the Editor of The Family Adventure Project. A professional writer and poet, she's the creative and journalistic force behind many of the stories and features published here. She's a co-founder and co-director of The Family Adventure Project and also works as the #poetinmotion producing and performing poetry for print, video and live performance.


  • Firstly, those things are almost unknown over here. Secondly, I still had one as a child where, on a sailing boat, in a sleeping bag, it was brilliant. So unsurprisingly, when we crossed over this year, the children got some, too. Star wars, angry birds, what’s on a kid’s mind. And thirdly, I admit to considering one myself, too. Because yes, they are comfy. And because I just saw one on the internet designed to resemble a TARDIS. Now Who could say no to that? But since I tend to resemble the ball-shaped wooden spaceship of Les Gammas rather than the tall and slender police box of even taller and more slender David Tennant, I also know for certain I would only wear it in the secure privacy of my home.

  • Idk, Im 5’1 and get mistaken for a kid already, ( Im 30). I dont care if im middleaged, probably will always get mistaken for being alot younger. Ive been told i can get away with stuff adults my age ussually cant. Getting a chipmunk onesie few days. 🙂 so……i think i will wear mime with pride? If youre a female who can pull it off, wear it all u want….haters gunna hate ..lol

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