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Blogging with integrity

We subscribe to the principles of Blog With Integrity, have signed their public pledge and strive to work with integrity in our writing and commercial dealings.

The majority of content on the Family Adventure Project website has been and continues to be generated without seeking commercial recompense because: i) we believe in the power and value of family adventure experiences and ii) we value our editorial independence.

We strive to keep all our writing relevant and honest, telling the truth about our experience, and sharing opinions based upon our personal experience, irrespective of any sponsorship, commercial or other compensation.

We do accept advertising from companies and organisations that we judge offer products or services that are relevant to our writing and our readership. This may include sponsored posts, banner adverts, and mentions of sites, products or services of interest. Where we do this we work to comply with all relevant Advertising Standards Authority, Google Quality and other guidelines and to ensure this is clear to readers. We use any income from advertising to offset the costs of running the sites and to help us generate new, high quality content which we believe will be of interest and value to our readers and followers.

Our position on disclosure

As a small family run site, decisions about hosting sponsored content, adverts and other forms of compensation are entirely ours and not lightly taken. When deciding whether or not to accept advertising, sponsored posts or other commercial arrangements, our primary considerations are those of fit, suitability, relevance and interest.

  • We strive to ensure all content fits with the values of The Family Adventure Project and does not compromise our independent spirit.
  • As family oriented sites, we work to ensure all content, including any adverts, images or sponsored posts, will be suitable for a family audience.
  • We want to make sure that any products or services featured are relevant to our niche and will be of interest to our audience.
  • We work to ensure any paid advertising, sponsorship or other compensation is appropriately disclosed, so it is clear and transparent to readers.

Product reviews and sponsored posts

We are genuinely interested in things that help families get out, active and adventure together and like to share what we know and have experienced with others. Our sites are personal narratives not review sites, but from time to time we may make mention or write at greater length about a product, service, attraction, destination or event that we think may be of interest to or relevant to our readership. When it comes to reviews and other such sponsored posts:

  • We only review products or services we see as relevant to The Family Adventure Project and our readership of active, independently minded family adventure seekers.
  • We work to ensure any reviews we do are balanced and honest, telling the truth about our experience, giving honest accounts that include aspects we like and any we don’t.
  • We will always disclose when a review is of something we have not purchased ourselves or where other compensation is involved. This statement of disclosure will be on the same page as the review.

Affiliate and pay-per click advertising

Where we review and endorse a product, believing it to be of interest or value to our readership, and in other posts listing products we judge to be of interests to our audiences, we may also participate in pay per click or affiliate relationships and provide links to purchase the product or service for sale along with the review or separately. This includes relationships with Amazon Affiliates and other web marketing businesses where we earn from qualifying purchases.

  • We may receive a small commission when you click or follow a link or banner ad and then purchase a product from a merchant.
  • This does not affect the price of goods or services you purchase or your relationship with the provider in any way.
  • We strive to ensure that we only advertise merchants, products, or services that we think may be relevant and of interest to our readers.
  • We use any commissions we receive to help offset the operating costs of the website and to generate new content.

Google AdSense

We participate in the Google AdSense programme which we use to deliver context sensitive ads to some pages and feeds. These ads are usually marked as Ads by Google before they are served to our pages and only generate income when clicked.


We participate in the MediaVine network which we use to generate advertising revenue by delivering context sensitive ads to pages, posts and feeds on the website. These ads are usually marked as Ads by MediaVine before they are served to our pages. You may find them in posts and pages, in sidebars and above and below our content. 

For further information

You may also be interested in reviewing our site terms and conditions and our privacy policy. If you have any questions about our ethics, disclosure or advertising policies, please contact stuart@familyadventureproject.org

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We're Kirstie & Stuart. We share an adventurous spirit, a passion for indie travel and 3 kids. The Family Adventure Project is our long term experiment in doing active, adventurous things together. Find out more...


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