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Spy Themed Family Scavenger Hunt in London

London Hilton Metropole Treasure Trail Options
Written by Kirstie Pelling

Spy Themed Family Scavenger Hunt in London

Kirstie Profile SmallFancy a luxury weekend in London that engages the kids? Over the years we’ve had many adventures in getting around London but this has to be one of the most active and fun. We are on a Family Scavenger Hunt weekend at the Hilton London Metropole on a secret mission. If I tell you too much I’ll probably have to kill you but this is what I can share … 

This mission is Top Secret

The staff at the Hilton can’t tell us about our chosen trail. They don’t have the clearance. Because it’s TOP SECRET. The senior management can tell us about the trail but they can’t give us the instruction pack. Because it’s TOP SECRET, yes, but mostly because it is locked away in the safe. And the safe can only be opened by a security guard. And he’s off fighting crime. Still, waiting for him to come back allows us to hone our observational skills. Could the man behind the concierge desk be a double agent for a rival hotel? We spy on his attempts to secure guest tickets for Arsenal. He probably wonders why we keep popping in and out through the revolving door.

Hilton London Metropole on a Scooter

Where am I going on this scooter? I can’t tell you. It’s TOP SECRET.

A James Bond style welcome

The 007 treatment begins on Friday night as we check in to our Family Superior room (other room options are available but this one we highly recommend). It’s got not one but two TV’s, and beds to sleep five. An ice bucket contains a welcome treat for the adults and after a good night’s sleep, a family sized Hilton buffet breakfast sets us up for a day of spying. The spy trail of South Kensington is one of the three treasure hunts on offer. The other two are a Murder Mystery themed trail of Regent’s Park and a Treasure Hunt themed trail to find the Missing Royal Wedding Ring.

Bar of Hilton London Metropole

Down in the bar in the shadows, martinis are served. Shaken not stirred.

A great way to explore London

The treasure trails are part of a themed experience run by the Metropole and selected other Hilton hotels. They are essentially three hour walking trails of historic London. But we’re doing them on our scooters. Well James Bond never walked anywhere did he? Our Family Scavenger Hunt begins with a glorious Saturday morning scoot through Hyde Park, where we are not alone on our unconventional transport. There’s a Nordic skiing class going on and horse riders pass us every few minutes. But we can’t top to say hello. We’re too action packed for that and anyway we have a date with the first clue at South Kensington tube.

Counting the dots on a notice board for the blind fills in the first letter of a word we have to guess. And then we’re off, after eyeing up the Lamborghinis. Well James Bond never scooted anywhere did he?

Scooting past Lamborghini London in Kensington

Scooting past Lamborghini London in Kensington. Any chance of a swapping a scooter for that yellow one?

Spikes, stars and fast cars

After finding ‘two Johns’ and spotting ‘several responses to tragedy,’ Brompton Oratory is the site of our next stop, where we have to count spikes on the railings of the grand church and deduct stars from the spikes. But someone has covered one spike with a coat so we have to begin again. Was it an evil villain, or just another family on the treasure hunt wanting to win a prize?

A treasure hunt is a great way of keeping the family entertained for the afternoon at low cost and also a cheap way of doing a city. It’s also educational; before landing at the Victoria and Albert Museum, we are instructed to find out more about ISIS on the banks of the Serpentine.  It appears this is very serious spy mission.

Scooting past the Victoria and Albert Museum

Scooting past the Victoria and Albert Museum

Bumping into Bond

Right till the end the spy theme plays out; some of the final and trickiest clues are at the Royal Albert Hall where they are coincidentally setting up for a James Bond Spectre event. As we scoot back to our hotel rooms the day is drawing in. And we definitely get the sense that someone is watching us. Will all of us make it back alive? Check out the video to see….

Practical Details

The London Family Scavenger Hunt packages are available for two night stays at Hilton London Metropole. The hotel is in West London, near Paddington. It’s a good location for exploring London, within walking or scooting distance of Regents Park, Hyde Park and Marble Arch, close to buses and tubes and with Boris bikes available just across the road (over 14’s only).

The Family Scavenger Hunt package includes a choice of one of three professionally produced Treasure Trails Adventures. These are self guided walks using a booklet included the package price. If you get all the clues and spell out a word you can enter a prize draw for cash drawn annually by Treasure Trails. Incidentally there are Treasure Trails all over the UK.

The Hilton package includes two nights accommodation in a room of your choosing and a Hilton buffet breakfast for the whole family on both days. You are also invited to a post hunt drink in Metropole’s EDG bar and lounge. Free wifi is provided as part of the package which should please any teens and allow you to register your results in comfort.

Package price varies depending upon season, family size, room options and specific dates but prices start at £165 per night including VAT.  Remember you have to pay for two nights. If you book for off peak nights the package looks not just good fun but good value for a luxury family break in Central London.  But don’t tell anyone I told you.

Looking out over London from the Hilton Metropole

Spying on London from the vantage point in our room at the Hilton London Metropole

Disclosure Note: This post was brought to you with support from Hilton London Metropole Hotel who invited us to check out one of their themed scavenger hunts. But the scooting, sleuthing, Lamborghini window shopping and treasure hunt reviewing was all our own.



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