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High and Dry at the End of Family Sailing School

Sailing an uneasy partnership
Written by Kirstie Pelling

High and Dry at the end of Family Sailing School

Life on the ocean waves Day 5
High & dry in Largs

Day 5 is cancelled. Well all tuition and sailing are anyway.

Breakfast is however served in the marina café. Scottish sausage, bacon and eggs. It’s never tasted so good.

Over coffee Simon offers us a free sailing course later in the year. We accept.

Incompetent crew?

“Are we in line for incompetent crew certificates?” we ask.

“Oh you’ve earned those,” says Simon, still smiling through adversity. He is waiting to hear whether the boatyard or any of the workshops nearby have the right size of prop shaft to plug the hole in his home.

Yacht being lifted out of the water in Largs Marina

Out of the water… high and dry

But better people..

We say goodbye, make our way back to our car and climb in, knowing we are better people now. We are survivors. We had expected to be sailors; we’re not there yet.

But we have taken charge of a helm of a yacht. We have emptied bucketfuls of the Clyde over the side of a yacht. We have met a lifeboat and its crew. We have enjoyed a challenge and a drama and a nice cup of tea.

Young boy takes the helm on family learn to sail course in Scotland

Yacht being lifted out of the water in Largs Marina

We did it. As a family..

And we have done it as a family. They didn’t even do that on the Titanic.

What an Easter holiday…and we’ve only been away a week.

Sailing an uneasy partnership

Not the easiest of sailors

And the best bit was?

“What was the best bit of your holiday boys?”


“What about you Hannah?”


It’s wondrous how oblivious kids can be to circumstances.

“Now Mum, where’s my Piglet pen?”

KIds enjoying sailing near Cumbrae Scotland

Simply enjoying the ride

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