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Stuart, Kirstie and Family, The Family Adventure Project

We’re Stuart and Kirstie, a husband and wife team who share an adventurous spirit, a passion for independent travel and three growing children. Our marriage is the semi-controlled fusion of an adventure addict and misadventure magnet and our Family Adventure Project is a long term experiment in doing adventurous things together as a family.

The Family Adventure Project is all about.

  • spending quality time together, as a family
  • doing interesting and exciting things together
  • getting out and about, being active together
  • exploring the world on our doorstep and way, way beyond
  • challenging ourselves to have fun and learn new things as a family
  • trying to have an adventure everyday

If you like the sound of that, then you’ll probably like us too. And we’ll probably like you back.

We’re all about cultivating a sense of adventure, creativity, fun, learning and respect for the environment in our family life, both in everyday living and through bigger family challenges and adventures. We think doing active, creative and challenging things together as a family is good for you, especially if it gets you outdoors. And we know from our own experience that family adventures are good for family relationships, health and wellbeing, learning and education, and for developing character and resilience.

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We’ve done a lot and learnt a lot in 10 years adventuring with kids

In a world that can seem dominated by 24 hour TV and internet, curriculum obsessed schooling, advertising and consumerism, fast food and obesity, overwork and economic stress, we think a regular dose of family adventure is a helpful antidote.Since we started our family (way back in 2000) we’ve been cycling, sailing, canoeing, camper-vanning, eco-touring, road-tripping, railroading and backpacking as a family in places as diverse as New Zealand, Samoa, USA, Canada, Sweden, France, Spain, Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Aland, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and at home in the UK. We’re big fans of cycle touring as a clean, green way to travel and to experience the world one mile at a time, and have clocked up over 12,000 amazing family bike miles in ten years.

This blog and our website are about sharing our passion for everyday and big time family adventure with others. We want to inspire, encourage and support other families who want to get out, get active and do stuff together.

As well as this blog, we also post content exclusively on our Facebook page. We’re also active on Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. So, don’t be shy, get in touch, ask a question, share a tip or tell us what you’re up to. Be great to hear from you.

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