Professional Media Skills Training

Professional Media Training for Executives

Are you looking for help in getting your travel and tourism message across on digital, TV or radio? Want to promote your business more effectively with video on social media? Worried about who would face the press in a worst-case scenario?

As experienced media professionals and trained coaches we can teach you skills to enable you to use both conventional and social media effectively to communicate with customers, tell your story and deal with a crisis.

Media Skills Training for Executives

Media Training Workshops for the Travel and Tourism Industry

We have 20 years experience working in the travel and tourism sector, writing stories, producing video and running campaigns on digital media as both producers and journalists. We work in partnership with former BBC journalist Fiona Steggles who brings 20 years experience as a professional radio and TV journalist and producer. Between us we provide tailored media skills training that addresses the demands of dealing with both mainstream and social media. Working with Fiona we offer professional media training for both executives and media training courses for front-line staff.

Bespoke media training workshops

  • Designed specifically for the travel and tourism industry.  We can help improve the promotion of your business and prepare key people in your organisation to deal with the media in a crisis.  We work with you to make practical training that is as relevant to your business as possible, including scenarios that could happen in real life.   We explain how different media operate, how to get the best results from traditional and social media. We offer practical media training tips based on years spent as both producers and journalists.

Presentation and media skills coaching.

  • We can help you feel comfortable in front of a camera or microphone and give you tips on how to get your message across effectively.  We include what to wear, how to stand, and what language to use for different audiences.  Our workshops usually include several recorded practice interviews with personal feedback to help you understand your impact and refine your approach. There’s also lots of practical media training tips.

Video production skills coaching.

  • We can train you in simple video production so you can generate your own videos to share with customers or staff on social media. We advise how best to get your message across through vlogging, live streaming, using interviews and in simple edited packages. We can help you develop skills to create engaging video content that tells your story, teach you techniques to add creative flair through story-telling, shooting or editing and offer advice on how to use social media to share your message.

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What clients say

We have trained many high profile clients in different business areas in the UK and abroad, including politicians, scientists, lawyers and bakers, from CEOs to front line staff.  Here’s what they have to say about our media training for executives and media training courses.

“Enjoyable, useful and crammed with excellent take away points.”  

“Fiona has the ideal blend of understanding the demands of journalists at the highest level and the appreciation of how businesses need to tell a compelling and authentic story.”

“The advice given was sensible, practical and useful. It was brilliant to see the progress our directors made from the very first interview to the final one. Really excellent and worthwhile.”

“It was clear that there was a high level of consideration and preparation in advance of the course and it is clear why they came so highly recommended.”

“Never have I felt so out of my comfort zone but what a sense of achievement you get at the end.”  

Media Training for Executives

Your coaches

Fiona Steggles of Steggles MediaFiona Steggles has worked as a broadcast journalist for over 20 years, mostly with the BBC.   She has reported and produced for radio and television, presented radio programmes and produced documentaries. For eight years she produced the BBC1 Regional News Programme NorthWest Tonight, winning two Royal Television Society awards.   Fiona now lectures in journalism at the University of Central Lancashire and has worked with the BBC and other news organisations training and coaching senior journalists. Fiona is Director of Steggles Media.

Stuart WickesStuart Wickes is a professional videographer, blogger and training consultant.  He is co-founder of The Family Adventure Project, the UK’s leading family adventure blog.  The site has won multiple awards for its creative content and campaign work and was recently named in the top 100 travel blogs worldwide.  As a management consultant, Stuart specialises in coaching and training in the creative, media and travel industries. Stuart is Director of Stuart Wickes & Associates.

Want to know more?

For more information, an informal discussion about your needs or an example of our work, contact Stuart.

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