PRESS TRIPS & CAMPAIGNSInvite us to work on location to feature your business, destination, attraction or activity.

Press Trips and Destination Campaigns

We are open to invitations to attend press trips in the UK, Europe and worldwide. We also take on paid contracts to work professionally, using our skills, experience, equipment, channels and networks to provide extended live, pre and post trip, campaign-style coverage of destinations, activities and attractions.

Check out our selected case studies (click the box below) for examples of the kinds of coverage we can provide. This can include live social media, blog content on our or your sites, YouTube videos, Instagram coverage, guide or e-books, photo galleries, and creative outputs including digital poetry.

Our terms of engagement and levels of coverage vary depending on whether we are working on a press trip or professional trip basis and on the scope and complexity of the assignment. We generally expect travel and necessarily incurred expenses (directly related to the assignment) to be covered. Professional fees for our skills, services and content production are by negotiation.

If you are interested in working with us to use our skills to provide coverage of your destination, please contact us for an initial discussion or further information on different ways we can work together.

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