Case Studies - Examples of our work, campaigns and capabilities

Case Studies

Over the years we have been involved in many varied campaigns. The downloadable case studies here give some idea of the range of campaigns we have been involved with, the scope, location, deliverables and impact. If you can’t find what you are looking or want more information please contact us.

Some examples of our work

Adventure Islands1. Adventure Islands: 6 week 2 destination season – for indie family travellers visiting Iceland & Faroes.

Titanic Season2. Belfast Titanic & Reykjavik Children’s Festival: Short seasons covering specific events, festivals, cities or openings.

Liverpool Wonderland3. Twin Theme Parks Weekend: Weekend season designed to highlight some major new UK attractions.

Coast to Coast C2C4. Movenpick Hotel Hamburg: Working with a luxury brand & strategic guest posting.

Coast to Coast C2C5. Product Review, The Battlebox Company: Working with a supplier of adventure kits for families.

Pyrenees6. #InPyrenees, with Costa Brava Tourism: Working with a Tourist Board to promote a regional destination.

Fusimi-Inari Taisha Shrine Complex near Kyoto Japan7. Japan Experience: Working with a brand & destination agency to promote a travel rewards scheme and a country.

Preparing the banca for an island hopping excursion at Mactan Is8. Travel That Matters Philippines: Working with Expedia on a CSR campaign to promote a destination.

9. Travel Competitions: Working with travel brands to promote products services through competitions and giveaways.

More information

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