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If you’d like to get in touch there are various ways to reach us.  You can Tweet us, send a message via Facebook or ping us an email. You can also find us on YouTubeG+PinterestInstagram and Flickr. Be great to hear from you by any route.

There is lots of information already on the site about advertising with us or using our skills in support of your campaigns so if you are interested in that please do check out the pages linked from the boxes below.  If you can’t find what you are looking for or just prefer to chat in person, do get in touch.

If you want to talk adventures, travel, or partnerships then either of us will do. Take your pick.

If you want to talk business, advertising, technology, photography, gear, publishing or have a beer,  best speak to Stuart.

If you want to get creative, talk ideas, marketing, promotion, copy, editorial or have a coffee, best speak to Kirstie.

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Advertising - Reach our audiences through advertising on The Family Adventure Project blog or our social media channels Professional-Services - Employ our skills to create content or engagement for your business campaign or destination Press Trips and Campaigns - Invite us to work on location to feature your business, destination, attraction or activity


Media Pack - Get the latest stats on our audience, reach and performance Case Studies - See examples of our work, campaigns and capabilities Testimonials - Find out what clients say about our work 


Discover our other sites Why Work with us - find out about our skills, experience, connections and awards About Us - Find out who we are and what the Family Adventure Project is about

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We're Kirstie & Stuart. We share an adventurous spirit, a passion for indie travel and 3 kids. The Family Adventure Project is our long term experiment in doing active, adventurous things together. Find out more...


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