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10 Great Reasons to Visit Blackpool

Blackpool Beach looking to Tower and South Pier
Written by Kirstie

10 Great Reasons to Visit Blackpool

Visit Blackpool. It’s a bucket and spade. It’s fish and chips on a tray. It’s a slow waltz to a Wurlitzer. It’s bingo in your B&B. It’s a glitterball on a neon prom. Blackpool is a holiday resort that knows what it is, and delivers what it promises on budget. And for a family of five, that’s pretty valuable…

Blackpool sunglasses

I’m tired of being ripped off

I can’t begin to list the amount of time I’ve been ripped off on holiday. But a few spring to mind. Like the expensive hotel chain that tried to charge us 28 euros to put our bikes in the car park. Like the ‘guided tour’ of a Polish city given by a bored student that began with us buying her elevenses at an expensive café and ended with goodbye at midday. Like the packet of dried spaghetti in an Aland Island mini-market that cost more than a round of drinks back home. And it’s not just us. Who didn’t read about the fifty euro ice creams that a family visiting Rome accidentally splashed out on?

But Blackpool is different

You can say many things about Blackpool, and many people do. It may not be to your taste. It may not have the sun. Subtlety is not its thing. It is overrun by stags and hens. It may not be sophisticated or luxurious, but unlike some other destinations, it does what it says on the tin. And it lets you put your hand in your pocket without wincing. Here are ten good value reasons to visit this traditional seaside resort.

Blackpool Seaside Deck Chair

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..

1 The Blackpool Big Ticket

The Blackpool Big Ticket is a seven attraction pass that gives you entry to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Madame Tussauds, The Tower Circus, Jungle Jims, Sea Life, The Blackpool Tower Eye and the Ballroom. While the ticket price may seem a lot to fork out in one go (£92.95  adult, £68 child on the day but only £45 per adult, £32.50 child, £8.95 toddler if you book online), especially if you are a larger family, there are so many things to do on this tour of Blackpool’s Merlin attractions that it will last you a week if you take your time. It’s also valid for ninety days; so you can always come back if you run out of time or energy. Visit Blackpool also offer other seasonal Blackpool resort passes giving entry to multiple attractions at a discount.

Blackpool North Pier

Blackpool North Pier… a walk on the pier costs you nothing

2 Blackpool Tower Dungeon

This is as much fun as I’ve ever had in a dark space with my kids in tow and a torturer just round the corner. And it’s one of the best attractions I’ve visited in a while. From the moment you enter the lift and are carried down to the maze of gloomy passageways, human actors entertain you with blood and guts, pestilence and plague and a large helping of humour. The Blackpool Dungeon is also an education into the past of Lancashire; a county that hosted its fair share of darkness, from the hanging of the Pendle Witches, to Viking attacks and Black Death.

3 Blackpool Tower Ballroom

I love Blackpool Tower. I love everything about it, from how it looks at night all lit up, to the view from the top. I love the fact that once upon a time its visionary mayor went to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris and thought it would be appropriate to stick a copy of it on the prom in a British northern town. And partly funded it with his own money! If you do one thing in Blackpool, visit the ballroom. It takes you straight back into another time, and I’m convinced it slows down the heartbeat. The sound of the Wurlizter, the old couples dancing, the afternoon teas, the nostalgic tunes and the well preserved grandeur of the space (famous for providing the venue for Strictly Come Dancing specials) all add to the atmosphere. If I come back to this planet I want to be the organist in Blackpool Tower.

Tower Ballroom Blackpool

Tower Ballroom Blackpool. Dance, watch, listen or just have a cuppa tea.

4 The Tower Circus

My nieces have been entertained by Mooky the clown at The Tower Circus every year since they were born. And have gone on and on about him. I was therefore expecting Mooky the clown to be far funnier than he was. If I’m honest, I found this circus a bit rough around the edges. The acrobats fell off the trapezes (thankfully onto a safety net.) There was one trick that they tried three times to pull off and had to abandon. And the finale was two pole dancers standing awkwardly while the crew pointlessly flooded the stage. (Did someone pull the plug out in the aquarium?) But wow, what a space this is. The tiny stalls, the traditional ring, the red drapes, the live band, the excitement of the kids creates such an electric and intimate setting that you can easily forgive a few bad jokes and a slip up or two. They used to keep the elephants backstage and I keep trying to imagine that entry and exit!  The Blackpool Tower Circus is not something you’ll see anywhere else and whiles away an afternoon very pleasantly. But get there early as the stalls soon fill up.

Blackpool Tower Circus

Blackpool Tower Circus… kids love the show and Mooky the clown.

5 The Blackpool Tower Eye

I’ve done the Skywalk a couple of times, and it always makes me deliciously dizzy. I previewed The View From The Shard a while back and while the Blackpool Tower Eye doesn’t have the iconic views of London, but it still has that head-spinning sense of being on top of the world. You can see for miles. The kids enjoyed the 4D film, although it’s little more than an (admittedly inspiring) promo for the city.

Comedy Carpet, Blackpool

Looking down from the Tower Eye to the Comedy Carpet.

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    • Yes, I’ve heard it called that too. Having been to both I’m not sure it’s a fair comparison but Blackpool certainly has a spirit of its own.

  • I’ve been to Blackpool a few times, despite the bad reputation that’s somehow being created I LOVE it. I agree with Stuart, definitely has a spirit of it’s own 🙂

  • Why not also try the Lytham St Annes Spitfire Visitor Centre at Hangar 42, Blackpool Airport. We are open from 10am until 16:00 on Sundays and Tuesdays from Mid April until the end of September.

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