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If you need ideas, inspiration or advice about camping equipment, family camping and wild nights sleeping out then you’ve come to the right page. There is nothing to beat a night out under the stars. In our experience, the best hotel is the one with a thousands stars and it’s one of the cheapest around. It’s a tent.

We’ve more experience of camping than most and love to share our ideas, experience and tips with others. Our experience is long and varied – from camping solo, as a couple and with friends, to family camping at every age with babies, tweens, teens and grannies too. We’ve even shared a tent with goats, horses and foxes.

Expert tips for great wild nights out

We’ve camped in all kinds of conditions, in countries all over the world. In big tents, little tents, under tarps, in bivvys and with no tents at all. We’ve stayed in campsites, been wild camping, rough camping, desert camping and even enjoyed glamping pods. We’ve carried tents on our backs, on our bikes and in the back of a car. And pitched them in the sun, wind and rain, in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

As an outdoor and camping blog you’ll find lots of posts here to help you with your own family camping adventures whether you are a novice camper, a happy and experienced campsite regular or a family with aspirations to get beyond the campsite for a night of wild camping.

Wild Camping while Cycle Touring

Wild Camping while Cycle Touring in the Pyrenees

Camping tips for everyone

We’ve lots of useful posts with camping tips on the site. We’ve learnt a lot from some really bad camping experiences and don’t see why you should have to do the same. So for some general tent camping tips, why not start with this post in which we share hard lessons from six of our worst nights sleep ever. Six places we really recommend you don’t camp and the lessons we learnt that we hope will help you have a much better time.

Choosing the best family camping tents

If you’re new to camping you’ll probably find our feature that explains how to pick the best family camping tent a useful read. We’ve bought lots of different tents over the years, at different price points and for different uses and know exactly what to look for when buying. It can be confusing with all the choices on offer but this article will guide you step by step through the maze so that you know what to look for and what to ask when buying. The post offers detailed guidance to help you find the best family tent for a great camping experience.

Buying a Tent for Family Camping Gear Guide

Click to read our Gear Guide: Buying a Tent for Family Camping

Wild camping tips

There’s something extra special about camping wild, leaving behind campsites for a real independent camping experience. It’s not for everyone and requires a responsible approach to ensure you aren’t breaking any laws or creating any environmental damage. If you’re interested in wild camping there’s lots of posts about our experiences on the site. This post in which we share our top tips for wild camping is a great place to start.

Tarp camping tips

Wild camping can involve different choices in terms of equipment so we also have posts on wild camping essentials, tarp camping and bivvying. Using tarps and bivvy bags instead of tents can really open up opportunities for lightweight, backpacking, bike touring or hiking adventures. We had a gentle introduction to tarp camping in the grounds of a country house estate. It sounded a very benign environment but of course looks can be deceiving.

Wild nights out bivvy bag camping

If you need a bit more shelter than tarp camping provides then the bivvy is the way to go. Bivvy bags come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials, with and without hoops, gauzes and waterproofing. You’ll find a few posts on the site about our experiences with camping with bivvy bags, from a wild night out on the summit of Skiddaw to a canoe and bivvy microadventure on Windermere through to a night spent looking for shooting stars in Bosnia. We’ve got some reviews of bivvy bags too to help you with equipment choices, like this Bivvy Bag gear guide.

More camping fun

You’ll find stories about camping scattered throughout the site. For a little lighthearted camping read you might enjoy our piece on sex in a tent, reading about our experiences of camping with toddlers and bears, or learning how to throw a pod party for kids with camping pods.  To see all the camping posts on our site, have a scroll through out this Camping Category page.

If there’s something you’d like us to write about or you have a specific camping question then do contact us and we’ll do our best to help. Happy Camping!

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