Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

IMG 56835 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

Prepare to feel the force….

IMG 4666 1181 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars MinilandIf you’re a Star Wars fan or live with one, either human or droid, you’ve probably already come across Star Wars Lego or Lego Star Wars games, but Legoland Windsor have just taken it all to a new level with their Star Wars Miniland experience. It opened the same week as the new Legoland Hotel so as part of our Twin Theme Park Adventure we lost ourselves for an hour or so somewhere in a galaxy far far away…

Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

Suddenly there’s a life sized Darth Vader in front of me. I am close enough to snog him. Not that I want to. Honest. But I could. It makes me wonder what his breath would be like? Is there dental hygene on the dark side? I then reach out and touch C3PO. His glazed eyes stare back at me. He needs an optician, and I can’t even begin to speculate on where I might find an ophthamologist with droid experience.

IMG 57154 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

I wasn’t expecting to bump into Vader

This is a galaxy far far away

No, I’m not on another planet and I’m not at a Star Wars convention. I’m at Legoland Windsor, the day before a new attraction is due to open. Over the next few months and probably years, this intricate Miniland experience will undoubtedly be filled with people marvelling over the complexity of the tiny ewok and stormtrooper figures. But right at this moment there’s just my family feeling the force. Actually it’s just me and Stuart. The children bombed through at the speed of a light saber while we immerse ourselves in the world that they once claimed as their own.

IMG 56994 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

The Clones landing at the Battle of Geonosis (according to Matthew)

Matthew and Cameron watched the movies for years. I’ve heard the opening music and the jazz riff from the bar in Tatooine so many times they are tattoed on my brain. By the time they were six they had read every Star Wars book and comic and studied every intergalactic internet site. On cycle holidays we’d kill hours of boring pedalling by playing a Star Wars A-Z game; squeezing out a character’s name beginning with every letter of the alphabet. (We admittedly did struggle with the letter ‘X’- obviously not big enough fans!)

IMG 57104 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

The Battle of Hoth (a cold planet according to Matthew)

Star Wars lego is something worth lingering for

So now while we linger here, enjoying the memories of our sons’ childhood enthusiasms, they’ve  rushed ahead for another go on the Atlantis submarine voyage  in  the theme park beyond. But I think this attraction warrants lingering; there’s seven famous scenes from six live action Star Wars movies to study, plus (according to Matthew) a bonus scene from the animated Clone Wars film.

It took 1.5 million bits of Lego to build, and it sings, dances and moves. Lights go on and off, and the Millennium Falcon even takes off. This Lego world in miniature follows the chronological path of the Star Wars time-line and I can only imagine how exciting that would have been to the boys only a few years ago. I have a taste in my mouth and I realise it’s nostalgia.

IMG 57053 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

The Millenium Falcon (even I know that)

Feel the force as a mini figure

Under one of the Miniland sets, a plastic tunnel leads to a perspex bubble viewer. Children can crawl into it and stick their heads up into the set itself, to see the Lego close up and feel part of the scene. As my kids aren’t around, I brief Stuart of my plan to crawl in. I shuffle along on my stomach and push my head up into the small space. I pose for a picture feeling like I’m in a goldfish bowl.

IMG 57093 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

My special visit to Tatooine. I was advised not to leave the airlock.

Another family comes in and I duck down, hoping they don’t notice me. They stand against the set to admire the workmanship, and consequently block the tunnel exit. I am now stuck. It’s claustrophobic, and being too big to stand up, I find there’s only room to squat. But I’m too old for squatting and my knees give way.

Why is everyone looking at me?

I can’t breathe very well in this dark enclosed space. I push myself backwards through the tunnel and out through the legs of the mother, muttering a panicked apology. Her teenage children look on appalled. It must look like their mum has just given birth to Jabba the Hutt.

IMG 56873 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

The Battle of Christophsis

The great thing about Lego is that everyone can do it. As I peruse the final exhibits, I convince myself that that with enough time, patience and money I could have a go at making any one of those models. Indeed many of the kits are for sale in the adjoining shop. It’s there that I find my children, not on a ride at all, but gathered around a huge boxed set.

“This one is three hundred and fifty pounds Mum!” Cameron shouts. “That’s like, three ipods!”

“Can I have it for my birthday?”asks Hannah hopefully.

In another universe.

IMG 57203 Feeling the Lego force at Star Wars Miniland

Can I have it for my birthday? In another universe child!

We leave empty handed but inspired

I know that if I bought them one now they’d be as engrossed as they ever were in the strange and wonderful world of Star Wars. They may have outgrown the Empire, but they’ll never escape the positive force of Lego.

Are you a Lego or Star Wars fan? Or both? Ever been trapped in a perspex bubble? 

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Disclosure Note: Thanks to Legoland Windsor Resort who allowed us to check out the hotel and park to bring you this story. 

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  1. Tawny of Captain and Clark March 27, 2012 at 4:16 am #

    Legos and Star Wars are probably two of our favorite things! You’re living the dream! We’re now adding Legoland to the Bucket List.

  2. Steve March 27, 2012 at 5:55 am #

    This looks like a whole lot of fun. I love that you actually crawled under the display to poke your head up in the display. Way to embarrass yourself for the post. Oh, and by the way…my kids have a tube of Darth Vader toothpaste, so I guess that yes, there is dental hygene on the dark side.

  3. Becca @ R We There Yet Mom? May 18, 2012 at 2:37 pm #

    Awesome story of the mother giving birth to Jabba the Hut!!! I would love to take my kids to this – thanks so much for the in depth description of it and linking up with us for it!

  4. Mary @ The World Is A Book May 19, 2012 at 4:56 am #

    We live by Legoland California and just visited their expanded Star Wars Miniland a few weeks ago. It’s so interesting to see this indoor version. Ours are spread out with walkways and little gardens in an outdoor setting. That Millennium Falcon looks incredible. Yikes on the price of that Destroyer set.


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