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Starry Nights – 5 Cool Movie Themed Hotels

Written by Kirstie Pelling

Starry Nights – 5 Cool Movie Themed Hotels

Everyone loves a blockbuster movie. But did you know you can sleep in one? A selection of UK hotels have put their own spin on Hollywood glamour, with movie themed hotel suites creating film sets above and around your bed. Fancy dressing up as a dark lord, attending a wizard cocktail making workshop, or having a Bollywood or a Dollywould night? In this advertising feature for we bring you movie themed hotels and rooms that can sprinkle your dreams with 3D stardust. You can check out the partner post I wrote for Expedia’s Hotel Edit site or read on for five great star studded ideas..  

How can I meet Mary Poppins?

After half a century, a very English nanny is about to put the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious back into cinema. And at Liverpool’s Arthouse Hotel you can go for the full Poppins experience, with Mary floating on the ceiling above you. The Mary Poppins themed hotel room sleeps six and is one of five musical inspired rooms in this movie themed hotel. You can also click your ruby slippers for a night with the Wizard, or do some summer lovin’ in the retro fashioned Grease suite. But before your check into your movie themed hotel room, it’s a race to the hotel’s Mulholland Singing Diner, where the waiting staff sing movie and musical tunes as you eat.

Zoe Delaney, Head of Social Media at the hotel suggests booking the cinema package; “You can go out and enjoy one of the latest films, dine in one of our fabulous restaurants and then finish a filmtastic night out in one of our movie themed rooms.”

Getting there

The Arthouse Hotel is a ten minute walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station. Alternatively you could fly there in seconds from anywhere in the world on a kite, umbrella or carousel horse. Meanwhile the nearest Odeon cinema is also around ten minute’s walk from the hotel, should you want to check out Emily Blunt in her bossy new role.

Mary Poppins themed room at Arthouse Hotel, Liverpool. Image courtesy Arthouse Hotel, Liverpool

Mary Poppins themed room at Arthouse Hotel, Liverpool. Image courtesy Arthouse Hotel, Liverpool

How do I hang out with a secret agent?

Staying in Liverpool, Bond fans don’t need to have secret intelligence training to find their way to bed in the popular Duplex dedicated to 007 – Daniel Craig’s face looms large above the bed! The loft suite which sleeps up to 14, is set into the eaves of the Signature Living apart-hotel. A great example of what you can do with movie themed hotels, this suite has big views and a party spirit, just like its namesake. You can change it from three self contained quarters into a communal space, where freshening up for a night out is enhanced by his and hers sinks, waterfall shower and whirlpool bath.

Alternatively you can also stay in the Moulin Rouge Suite if you have a thing for bohemian Paris in 1900 or the colour red, and Sex and the City fans can pick a room dedicated to a character.

Families are advised to book a midweek break as weekends tend to be shaken and stirred by stag and hen parties. The Signature Living group also owns a theme hotel with a suite dedicated to the Titanic.

Getting there

As a would-be secret agent you may feel it is your duty to use mission critical transport like a speedboat or helicopter to help you get to your hotel. But if you prefer to walk, Lime Street Station is ten-fifteen minute walk, depending on who is pursuing you.

Bond themed room at Signature Living Apart-hotel, Liverpool . Image courtesy Signature Living Apart-hotel Liverpool

Bond themed room at Signature Living- the 007 of movie themed hotels. Image courtesy Signature Living Apart-hotel Liverpool

Can I be a Jedi Knight for a night?

Jedi Knights young and old, it is your destiny to inhabit this suite in Brighton’s most rock ‘n’ roll accommodation. Lord Vader’s Quarters in Hotel Pelirocco is a Star Wars themed hotel room kitted out with all the essential features of a Death Star including lightsabers, movies and portraits of Padmé. The twin room (the cabin can also be booked as a single) is billed as a treat for fathers and sons who can take turns dressing up as the most diabolical Dad on earth.

Mark Gibson, General Manager at Pelirocco, says the Star Wars themed hotel room room provides a fun hyperspace for a traditional family ritual, “What better way is there for dads and lads to bond than using the medium of Star Wars? It’s a passage of rights for father and son and fits in with the varied range of iconic subject matter that fascinates us here.”

Sliding doors are the first sign you are about to enter Lord Vader’s Quarters, where a black rubber floor leads you to your Jedi bunk beds. And remember dads, noisy sleeping is unlikely to be a problem in a room dedicated to the galaxy’s biggest snorer!

Getting there

Hotel Pelirocco is a thoroughly modernised old Regency townhouse near the sea front, about twenty minutes walk from Brighton station. Alternatively if you have access to a Millennium Falcon you’ll get there three billion light years ago.

Lord Vader's Quarters at Hotel Pelirocco. Image courtesy Hotel Pelirocco

Lord Vader’s Quarters at Hotel Pelirocco, one of the best UK movie themed hotel rooms. Image courtesy Hotel Pelirocco

Where can I find a cinema suite to watch movies all night?

For the ultimate in Christmas decadence, the Taj hotel chain is issuing invitations to Jay Gatsby’s party. As well as immersing you in the drama and 1920’s glamour, the West End theatre cast might teach you how to dance.

At other times of the year you can hire the cinema suite at Taj 51 Buckingham Gate to channel the magic of Monroe and the India of Merchant Ivory films. The star of the show in a suite room dedicated to world cinema is an 85 inch HD screen. And if you don’t plan on doing much sleeping you can watch up to 300 films provided.

Your private butler or a boost from the Nepresso coffee machine can give you a nudge if you doze off in the credits. Watch this interview by the designer about what you can expect from this fine example of movie themed hotel stays:

Getting there

Your passage to India starts at St James’s Park Station where it’s a three minute walk to the hotel. Singing in the rain is only advised on the way home, and dirty dancing is discouraged on the London underground.

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate, London . Image courtesy Taj 51 Buckingham Gate, London

Taj 51 Buckingham Gate, London. Image courtesy Taj 51, London

Where can I learn how to be a wizard?

You don’t need to send an owl to book one of the Wizard or Enchanted Chambers at the Georgian House hotel in London, but you might want to bring your spell book. The seven magical themed rooms with stained glass windows, cauldrons, stone walls and four poster beds help create the atmosphere of Hogwarts. There’s plenty room for trunks but regrettably no space for parking your Hippogriff.

The hotel offers a wizard cocktail making experience to those staying in the chambers and breakfast has a ‘magical twist.’ Georgian House is also home to Pimlico Pictures which has been called London’s smallest cinema.

Staff can help you make it a Harry Potter inspired weekend by ordering tickets for the Muggle Walking Tour of London and The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros Studios.

Getting there

Your Ford Anglia should get you there from most parts of the UK with or without using the invisibility booster. There are fireplaces in the rooms if you want to use flu powder. Platform 9 3/4 is just over three miles from the hotel. Or Victoria Station is close if you prefer to walk like a muggle.

Potter themed chambers at the Georgian House London Victoria. Image courtesy Georgian House London

Potter themed chambers at the Georgian House London Victoria. Image courtesy Georgian House London

Disclosure Note: This post is a paid collaboration with All words, opinion, and dreams of falling asleep in a secret agent or dark lord’s room after a magical cocktail making workshop are all our own. 

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