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Dachstein Sky Walk & Ice Palace

Dachstein SkyWalk

The Dachstein Sky Walk to Nothingness.. We saw it in the Daily Mail; the Dachstein Glacier Stairway to Nothingness. It was almost on our route through Europe, on our way to the start of our Balkans adventure. A high mountain. A glacier. A suspension bridge. And a series of 14 steps, leading into the void. Steps […]

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Girls night in – in Vienna

My Girl’s Night In in Vienna The children’s favourite bit of Vienna appears to be the trams. Not riding on them, but looking down onto the top of them from the hotel bedroom. “That one has got a seat on. I’m not sitting up there when we go to the big wheel!” says Cameron who […]

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A roll of the musical dice: Musical Vienna

Haus Der Musik Vienna

Music in Vienna for families A two year old girl with a blonde pigtail in a pink Hello Kitty T shirt is conducting the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Badly. She keeps batting the score with the baton. Then she bats the rope keeping her audience back. And finally she bats her mother who is trying to […]

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Miniature Magic: Marionetten Theater Vienna

Marionetten Theater Schloss Schonbrunn

The Marionetten Theater, Vienna “It takes puppeteer half a year to learn to walk. It takes three years to do impression and bow. And it takes 10 years to become a good puppeteer,” says Christine Hierzer-Riedler, one of the founders of Marionettentheater Schloss Schonbrunn. Hardly surprising then, that Hannah and I can barely get a […]

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Princess in the tower: Schloss Durnstein

Danube from Schloss Durnstein

Princess in the tower: at Schloss Durnstein Once upon a time in a land of enchanting forests, sweeping hillsides and powerful rivers there was a castle. It lay in ruins for its time had come and gone. But below that castle was a second castle. Built on a rock, it lay waiting for many years […]

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What do machines dream of? Ars Electronica

God Singing Ars Electronica Linz

What do machines dream of? Ars Electronic Linz We pick our way across the floor in the semi darkness, crunching through the whiteness. It’s painful on the feet. Everywhere there is construction. Fantasy buildings with turrets and towers. Jagged urban settlements. Half built palaces and half destroyed tower blocks. All in white; layers and layers […]

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To a land far, far away

Rhine ferry Engelhartszell

Up and over the mighty Jochenstein The Kraftwerk Jochenstein hydro electric power station has 96 steps. We feel each one as we haul our bikes and bags up and over the structure in the late afternoon heat. We’re not the only ones to cross the river in this way; dozens of cyclists are using the […]

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All mixed up in Passau

To say our host has eclectic tastes is an understatement. And she seems particularly partial to pictures. Assorted frames cover the walls. And the vents. And the lights. Even where there’s no place to hang something she’s hung something. Fairy lights dangle across coving, shells adorn mirrors, the ceiling has an array of chandeliers, plus […]

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Garlic spam? Is that all? Things we miss about Germany

The scenery hasn’t changed but the breakfast has… “Is that all?” says Hannah as she sits down to breakfast. She echoes my own sentiments as I take in breakfast. One bread roll each and some garlic spam. I look around for the buffet, then remember we crossed a border yesterday. We are in Austria, not […]

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What is the opposite of stone?

Dad, what is the opposite of stone? “Dad?” shouts Hannah. She’s close enough for me to touch her, sitting right behind me on the tandem. I shift gear as we accelerate down the mountain, trying to maintain a steady cadence and stop her tiny legs spinning too fast. We’re a harmonious team, her legs and […]

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